Cosmetics "Maitai": reviews of shampoos

Deodorants crystals, ayurvedic cosmetics, unusual fabric mask slimming agent with extract of shark cartilage, capsule cosmetics, cosmetics Tibetan herbal agents for the skin, 80% consisting of aloe vera gel, hair styling products, fragrances andmuch more - it's all Chinese cosmetics "Maitai".Responses about it indicate that these products are at least not "dummies."They do work, and the effect is obvious.

Shampoo, "Ginseng biocomplex Dao de MeiĀ»

One of the most popular shampoo brand "Maitai".Review it in the middle looks ecstatically: shampoo perfectly washes your hair, makes them crumbly, voluminous and shiny, they have not been bold.In the long term - the hair stronger, less whipped.With regard to their growth, there are differences: some do notice that your hair grow faster, and there is a noticeable "undercoat", others say that as an activator of hair growth shampoo is useless.It includes such aggressive surfactants like sodium lauryl.For some women it is a disadvantage.Another downside for some

is that after shampooing the hair is difficult to comb, they too pushatsya, but this problem can be easily solved using balm after washing.Most enjoy a natural and unusual smell: bitter and pungent herb.Although the flavor is quite specific, and there are those to whom he strongly disliked.But after washing the hair smell remains.Tips for use: Shampoo foam is not very good for the hair, it is better to shake up the foam in your hand and wash your hair with foam.For dry hair shampoo balm perfect complement of the same series, but only enough for oily shampoo, otherwise the effect will be counterproductive: the strands will be greasy and dirty quickly.

Shampoo "Activator for hair growth" from the "Maitai": reviews

Another shampoo, cause a lot of excitement.It is suitable even such a complex type of hair as a combination.Many women suffer from too fatty, fast polluting the roots strands combined with dry, lifeless, split ends.Choose care in this case is not easy: podsushivaya scalp, oily hair means to make the tips like hay, and more nourishing shampoos cause itching on the scalp.Viewed Shampoo "Maitai" earned praise from not one of those who faced such problem.It is well washed, but it strengthens the ends.Even those who have not noticed it the activation of growth, note that the hair is much healthier and stronger.The shampoo has a fairly sharp pepper smell during use can be a little pinch.But an excellent result, even after the first wash compensates for these shortcomings: hair long remain fresh, well-combed, become easy, and the volume at the same time strong.Recommended use: as it is an activator of growth, we should not use it without interruption.Such active shampoos should be alternated with a mild detergent.

Shampoo for dry and dull hair with camellia from "Maitai": reviews

The only criticism of this shampoo - a dubious bright color and a strange smell.Although the smell - it's very subjective.Some note that this tool is very delicate and unobtrusive flavor.However, its effectiveness as well as the previous two, at an altitude: it is perfectly washed, but not dry, revitalizes and strengthens the hair, making strands crumbly and obedient, that is, after he did not need balsams and conditioners for colored hair, especially goodfor blondes, because it is not bleached yellow hair.

Shampoo "Maitai" with shark cartilage for oily hair

This is perhaps the most interesting Shampoo "Maitai".Comments about it are few, but positive.It consists of collagen derived from shark cartilage, which is known, is the most ancient cartilaginous fish in the world.The properties of shark cartilage unique extract from him even the ability to prevent cancer.It has excellent anti-aging, stimulating and regenerating properties.Shampoo with shark cartilage by "Maitai" for oily hair, as noted by consumers, is the only drawback - it dries and confuses strands after washing, so air conditioning is required.But the rest of the vehicle is already familiar delights: strengthens, smooths, making hair more manageable, they are good for a long time remain fresh and lush.This series also has a shampoo for dry and normal hair.

Shampoo with olive oil and bamboo extract from the "Maitai": reviews

These shampoos are just as good as all of the above, and in full compliance with the manufacturer's promise: excellent washed hair, even after the oil masks, making them more dense, elastic,exactly lying, eliminate the static electricity.In addition, these funds are very gentle and pleasant smells.

It's not all shampoos "Maitai", a total of 22 species, but it is already possible to conclude that the means for washing the head of the brand is very successful and popular with most users.