Wonder means "Kareprost."

All women dream of being irresistible, and each of them insanely wishes that her choice did not take from her admiring eyes, and all the others were jealous of her.The most important feature - this is, of course, the eyes - a mirror of the soul, and give them an extraordinary charm thick and long lashes.

drug "Kareprost."Review its advantages over other means

If you want to have such beauty in our time has become possible.If the nature of lush lashes are not - make them the most!At the present time it is - not a problem.You can, for example, to buy and glue artificial cilia.But it's not very convenient - at the wrong time, they may come off and put their owners in an awkward position.And after long use forever blush, and your own eyelashes to become brittle and unattractive.Much easier to grow your eyelashes.And here comes to the aid of an amazing tool for eyelash "Kareprost."Reviews of many women who have used it say that this drug really works.And everyone who used it, praise.

means "Kareprost."Review its application

This treatment medication to the eyes, produced in India, capable of influencing the growth of eyelashes.It contains the active substance bimatoprost.Sold as a tool in the form of droplets, contained in vials 3 mm.Using it for a month, you get a thick and long dark eyelashes.Using this tool, you must strictly follow the recommendations.If you want to visualize and compare the result of his actions, taking photos of their eyelashes through each month of application.Before use clean the skin from all the excess, and then on the upper eyelid can be applied drop "Kareprost."Reviews of many women say that for best results, the drug should be applied every night.As a rule, one vial is sufficient for a period of four to six months.If you wear lenses - they must be removed.Taking the hand applicator and hold it horizontally, so that the contents do not spill on the floor, you have to squeeze it out of the vial and hold a single drop on the skin at the base of the upper eyelid, following from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.A similar procedure must be done on another century.Clean with a soft cloth to remove the excess.To avoid infection, you need to use every time for every century a single applicator.Use means you only for the upper eyelids no more than once a day, does not increase the frequency of lubrication of the growth of eyelashes.The procedure requires special care.Used applicators should be immediately discarded.

means "Kareprost."Reviews

photo, attached to this article will show you the result of its use.There are many positive reviews of those who regularly use this tool.The drug does help to restore the thickness and length of lashes.But applying it, you must not forget that this is - a medicine, and not some harmless maslitse.It was created for the treatment of specific eye diseases, and increased growth of eyelashes was his side-effects.If the product enters the eye, it can cause inflammation and other disorders.Some users pointed out that it sometimes causes itchy skin around the eyes, and after discontinuation drops eyelash growth stops.

means "Kareprost."Review the appropriateness of its use

say, beauty demands victims, but before its gain should assess possible losses.What if your buying them is not worth it if be put at stake their own health?Is not it better to grease the cilia burdock, castor oil or other, and not to expose themselves to the risk?