Makeup for smoky eyes of different colors

How to choose the right shade for the base of smoky makeup?This article will give a detailed answer to this question.In addition, you can see examples of makeup "Smokey Aes" for different colors and types of eyes: a darkened tint or movable century.The first is suitable for women with large eyes, a second is required to owners of small "mirrors of the soul."

smoky makeup: Equipment

Procedure when the smoky eye makeup is simple enough: in fact, any shadow or pencil shaded, so that a smooth transition of color in the "zero".But despite its apparent simplicity, many girls are having difficulty with the implementation of "Smokey Aes": you can not make a smooth transition of color, make-up does not look languid and dirty, scruffy and not decorated.What's the matter?

It is important to choose the right shade and brush - quality makeup is almost entirely dependent on them, not at the hands of "growing where it is necessary."Brush for shading has the shape of a barrel, it is possible to look at the bra

nd Sephora, Mac (famous tushevochnaya brush 217), Sigma, EcoTools.Qualitative shadow smoky makeup is very soft, rich, vivid color provide one-touch, have a very fine grinding, and always - Matt!Only matte make-up can achieve the effect of barely perceptible haze.Anyone, even the smallest, making Shimmer shade rougher texture.In addition, you need to find successful shades.They do not necessarily have to be different, from dark to light.Even with some black shadows, but good quality, it can be mind-blowing smoky eye makeup.The photo below is a convincing proof.However, to choose the base color - is very important.

smoky makeup for brown eyes

brown eyes fit gray-black, brown, rich green and purple-violet range.Caution should be with a light-gray - it does not go brown eyes, looks alien.But if he has a greenish or brownish tinge - is another matter.For evening smoky make-up, in addition to the above callers, it is possible to take the vivid blue shadows - they are very well contrasted with the warm brown eyes.Owners of other eye colors (blue, gray and green) can rarely afford "Smokey Aes" in blue.In the picture below an evening version of "Smokey" for brown eyes with shimmernyh shadows.They are applied in the least flat brush pat.

smoky makeup for blue eyes

can take a dark brown, black, purple, violet, and finally, the most versatile for blue eyes - gray shadows.As you can see, the choice is very decent.Blue eye with their transparency is generally very smoky makeup.Sky and fog - nature itself has created a combination, and she is not wrong.The original, but sophisticated version - "Smoky" in orange tones.The only exception is the blue and green shades - they rarely are blue-eyed, because it quenched their natural beauty, make the eyes faded and inexpressive.However, blue-gray or blue-violet make-up may look simply amazing, and blue, and blue can be fed nicely - the main thing that they do not shade matches the color of the eyes.

smoky makeup for green eyes

With doubt be treated to the blue and green colors, but otherwise the holders of green eyes almost unlimited, though much depends on the shade, so very different it can be.If the iris is very bright and whites - snow-white, the classic black will be the most suitable for this.For green eyes with a gray tint dark gray suit, cold and purple shades taupovye.
from warm brown in this case should be discarded - they will add age.Green eyes with a warm tone seem even more beautiful in a frame of rich brown and copper tones.Very interesting and original look can kerosene blue or blue-violet gentle.And, of course, plum and violet colors - a "Masthev" for green eyes.With regard to the green shadows, then they can make a very beautiful makeup, but you can get the effect of indistinct green spot, so that they should be careful.

Makeup for smoky gray eyes

gray eyes, as you know, chameleons, opportunities to make up here is very wide.Therefore, the selection of the basic color for smoky gray-eyed makeup of the fairer sex more than in any other case, you should look at the skin tone and hair color.As a rule, the ladies are all so cold range, but this is not such a strict rule.Women with gray eyes and red hair can even use copper - and this is a very complex color.Surprisingly may look and smoky make-up in turquoise.Generally, the green shades of shadows worth special attention.

If you reach excellence in the creation of monochrome shading and "Smokey Aes", you can try to create a smoky makeup a few shades - in the West it is called "the eyes of butterflies."It is very effective and self-sufficient even makeup and accessories.Teach him to do, you will not worry about choosing evening dresses - they can be quite modest.The girl with the best makeup smoky already looks stylish, sexy, mysterious, dangerous and intriguing.