How useful tooth powders?

How to keep your teeth healthy and white without the use of hazardous chemicals and expensive dental procedures?The answer is simple: return to the experience of our ancestors who used dental powders based on natural ingredients such as vinegar and pumice.The structure also includes crushed talc, eggshells, gypsum, salt, shells of snails and other components.In Europe, for example, produced by means of chalk and herbs.

passed since many years, even centuries, but modern industry in the manufacture of such tools widely applied chalk, and flavor added to various oils (anise, eucalyptus, menthol).And there are tooth powders, in whose composition includes sea salt, aluminum chloride, sodium and beneficial trace elements having an adsorbing effect and gives freshness.

How useful tooth powder?

Today nanotechnology allow to make money, completely consisting of derivatives of natural medicinal plants.For convenience packaging equipped with special dispensers.The funds help to cope with caries, strengthe

n tooth enamel and gums, qualitatively clear of stones, stains and plaque.They are well polished and bleached teeth, but also reduce the risk of gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Use tooth powders to restore the acid-alkaline balance in the mouth and reduce bleeding gums.In most modern detergents are added crushed shells of sea crabs, which have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect and protect the enamel from penetration of harmful microorganisms.

When purchasing be sure to study the structure of tooth powder.Medicinal properties will have products containing white clay.On its medicinal qualities, you can write endlessly - it strengthens the enamel, remove the stone, removes unpleasant smell, is especially true for smokers and coffee lovers.Help reduce inflammation-based powder pink clay.Very well, if a part is present to collect medicinal plants and soda - is faithful and loyal companions in the fight for health.

How to use tooth powder to achieve the desired effect?

Before cleaning the teeth and take a powder brush, dip it, then moisten it with water and apply to the destination twice a day.Means in the form of application applied to the enamel for 15 minutes, then thoroughly rinse the oral cavity.Bleaching Tooth powders is used not more than 3 times per week.They help to get rid of yellow, spots, tobacco plaque from coffee and tea.

effective and safe means you can prepare yourself from the available components and attorneys to strengthen the gums and enamel.You'll need the following herbs (for dessert spoon):

- licorice root;

- peppermint leaves;

- sage leaves;

- hop cones;

- nettle leaves;

- celandine;

- tansy;

- thyme;

- violet (grass) and mother and stepmother.

All these plants need to grind in a blender or coffee grinder.To the mixture was added a small spoonful of pink and white clay and 10 g of salt (only small).Store powder in a glass container.For the prevention of use once a week.