The age makeup.

eyes, emitting light, charming smile, healthy skin - looks so perfect face.No matter how old you are, the main thing - to be able to present themselves to allocate the dignity of appearance and disguise disadvantages.This can be done with the help of cosmetics.Try to master the age makeup, and you will see that the youth can be stored for a long time.

which is unacceptable for a woman over 35?Bright colors, multiple layers of mascara, rich black eyeliner.Choose a muted and pastel colors.Just 30 minutes, and the result is obvious!

So what should be the age make-up?Natural, natural, almost imperceptible.

prepares the skin

use cleaning foam or gel cleanser, dab face and then apply anti-aging serum, it moisturizes, will firming effect.The delicate skin around the eyes gently nurture Eye creams labeled «anti age».This will allow the makeup to go flawlessly.


age make-up should be weightless.Too solid consistency foundation will allocate every flaw.It is better to choose a liquid fluid with

a satin effect.It's a cross between matte and shimmer.It is visually completely smooths the bumps, provides a healthy look.

Choose a color lighter than your natural, avoid explicitly yellowish or pinkish hue.Ideal beige or ivory.It is best to apply the cream damp sponge, be sure to carefully feather border.

refreshes the face

Add colors using blush a must, as this will make the face a fresh, healthy.Apply them horizontally.You should choose a peach tones, if the skin is dark, and her tone is warm.The white man with light eyes should stay on the pink.No bright, especially crimson shades!It's age makeup, that is, the color can only be muted.Do not use compact powder, it will make you older.Powder scores wrinkles, accentuate them, so to fix sprinkle the face with thermal water.

Draw eyebrows

Tattoo add image a few years.It is better to emphasize the special eyebrow eyebrow shadows or light pencil strokes.The color should be identical to the natural one.Do not touch the base of the eyebrows, quite a bit to fill the gaps, to pay attention to the tip and bending.Well comb brush.Select


age eye makeup involves the use of shadows with matte or silky effect.Shiny, pearl would negate all the efforts to look younger if you take them as a basis.Recommended colors: champagne, beige, peach, coffee, gray.Edema save shade brown.Your eyes just shine!You can use brown or gray pencil eyeliner that will give expression.

highlighter or white pearlescent shade apply under the curve of the eyebrows and the inner corner of the eye.This will help make eyes open, more radiant.

Avoid volume mascara.In your case, you should lengthen the lashes and create a charming bend.Choose lengthening and curling mascara can use special tweezers for eyelash curler.

emphasize lips

age make-up - is the lack of a strong contrast.Too bright lipstick make way still defiant.It also should not be much to stand out and be brushed.Forget that shine can not be used, everything is good in moderation.So a drop of light deposited in the center of the lips, will give a natural.What

prefer shades of lipstick and gloss?Fashionable nude (ie, natural beige and pastel colors) leave young girls.You better stay at the calm pink, coral, berry shades.
can outline the lips with a pencil, a suitable color for lipstick.Circuit necessarily blend.Even better to spend a few strokes, not only the contour but also the lips.This trick allows the lipstick to stay longer, and do not expose you in a bad light if it is erased.

Regular use of anti-aging, correct application of cosmetics to help you stay young as long as possible.Be sure to listen to the fashion trends, use the original perfume and be always in a good mood!