Instruction: how to make lip plumper at home

How to plump lips at home?This issue has become urgent for the fair sex recently.Plump lips are sexy, they are associated with sensuality and femininity.It is not surprising that girls and women tend to possess them.Is it possible?

How to plump lips at home?

note in advance, which is several times the size of your lips change will fail.But it is really to give them a healthy appearance with special masks and exercises, as well as visually increase with the help of cosmetics.But all in order.How to plump thin lips?Firstly, nurture their moisture.To do this, train yourself not to leave the house without lipstick (not necessarily use color, your regular gloss or chapstick).Since the wind, frost negatively affect the jaw, leading to a reduction in their volume.At night, use a nourishing and moisturizing creams (suitable as a cream for the hands and face).Second, normalize muscle tone.To help you come ordinary piece of ice.Use it several times a day: Occasion lips, causing blood flow.

How to plump lips at home: exercise

  • jaws are closed and drawn into a tube.Then we move them first, from top to bottom and then from right to left.Repeat this exercise several times.
  • exhaust air pre-typed in the mouth, through the lips, in the form of tubes.This exercise should be repeated several times.
  • Often Kiss - so you will be able to improve blood flow and just to cheer up yourself and your loved one.

All these exercises can yield results only if you do them regularly, not once a month, and in addition to take care of lips.

How to plump lips at home: cosmetics to help

right make-up lips can increase even the most delicate and subtle lips.To create you need:

  • lip pencil - its color should be one to two shades lighter than the lipstick you plan to be painted;
  • lipstick;
  • brush for applying lipstick (not required, but using it can be gently paint over the sponge);
  • lip gloss (you can colorless).

The first thing that we do - it draw the contour of our jaws.Since our goal of an increase, the line we place a little farther than usual, which means it will be a little shifted, thus increasing the problem space.Once the circuit is ready, take the lipstick stain and gently sponge, without leaving him (it is more convenient to do it with a brush).Next, use glitter.Apply a small amount in the center of the upper lip and lightly shaded, giving naturalness.

These are simple ways to help you answer the question of how to make full lips at home.Take care of them, applying creams and lotions.Exercise regularly.Cosmetics and make-up right, which we also spoke above, will be the perfect solution for you, if the nature of the thin lips, and almost imperceptible.