"Planet Organics': reviews of facilities for care of body

Natural ingredients, attractive design, is associated with distant countries and travel, exotic delicious name - that's what attracts the products of the brand "Planet Organic".Responses about it, however, give reason to doubt the genuineness of this cosmetics.Let's see what users are saying about the means to care for the body.

organic cocoa butter and Buriti "Planet Organic": reviews

With regard to body oils "Cocoa", it is not just for the body Butter with chocolate flavor, it is a wholly-owned cocoa butter at a fairly affordable price.It is difficult to talk about it as compared with counterparts of other brands because most of the reviews about it - this is the opinion of people who first used this kind of body care.Many were unpleasantly surprised that cocoa butter is very hard and almost no smell.In fact, it is natural, because the melting point of cocoa butter is 32-35 degrees.It should be firm.Thus the effect of the cocoa butter from the "Planet Organic" really stunning.It perfectly nour

ishes and softens very dry skin.Despite its hardness, it is more dry than other oils, is quickly absorbed.Brilliantly shows itself as a mask for oily hair, dry hair after it is easier to fit, become resilient and strong.

Tips for use: oil-based massage can make a tile, then it will be much easier to use.To do this, just melt the cocoa butter in a water bath, add any other useful ingredients such as vitamins purchased at a pharmacy or essential oils, a little vegetable oil to the finished product became more tender and melting, and then pour melted and well blended mass inany suitable container.After hardening get comfortable oil tile.It will be enough to hold in your hands, and then could move on the desired area of ​​the skin.Some of the most advanced users have noted significant disadvantage of cocoa butter from the "Planet Organic": it is cheap for such an effective tool in a jar, but expensive cocoa butter!Exactly the same can be purchased in bulk at an even lower price.In addition, it is not clear, refined or not, for some reason, the manufacturer has not seen fit to indicate this on the packaging.

Oil Buriti (Buriti - palm tree, which grows in the Amazon) "Planet Organic" has a bright yellow color and pleasant smell cream.Supplier - like Peru, although for some reason the oil, which should be liquid (oil Buriti and it is), the "Planet Organic" is a completely solid Butter.This suggests that the Buriti oil is mixed with some basic means cheap.According to some reviews, even such atypical Buriti perfectly nourishes dry skin, is easily absorbed without problems and melts in your hands.It must, in addition, has a rejuvenating effect, but the reviews to prove it, no.

Dense Farm soap and other soaps from "Planet Organic": reviews

Farm Soap love of gorgeous bright floral flavor and versatility: it can be cleaned and the hair and the body.Some even wash their makeup.It fine foams without detriment to moisturizing properties, it is not the skin after dry.Another characteristic of soaps is that, in spite of the strong flavor, the smell does not stay on the body and completely washed away after a while.It can be both a plus and a minus (for those who are particularly fond of the flavor).Allepskoe soap also has a very pleasant smell and texture, leaving the skin well-groomed, soft and tender, and the hair silky and easy to installation.Natural Turkish soap Beldi has a very delicate texture with the smell of herbs.It can be replaced daily shower gel.Turkish soap Hammam also like customers, it is cost-effective, has a bright oriental scent, cleans gently and effectively so that does not require the use of wool, makes skin velvety and well-groomed.

about other means of soap from "Planet Organic" as entirely rave reviews.Black soaping Moroccan clay mask perfectly washes away oil from the hair, allowing oily hair for a long time remain fresh and light.Hand Soap on organic olive oil has a delicate creamy texture provides sparsely foam but cleanses very well.

Although not without doubting that producer suspected of dishonesty.In addition, it is impossible to please everyone, and some people criticized specifications funds.For example, in a mild soap-Beldi have pieces of herbs that make its use uncomfortable, it is weakly mylitsya, the smell is very ambiguous, more tolerant than pleasant.

Scrub "Planet Organic": " Siberian pine nuts and raspberry butter" and other scrubs, reviews

They all have exotic and very attractive names and formulations.For example, "The Indian cashew and organic oil of sandalwood", "Jamaican coconut oil and papaya."All scrubs, reviews, have a pleasant and complex flavors, for example, an agent with the aroma of sandalwood and cashew spoken of as noble.And some even said that it is like the smell of luxury perfumes.Buyers are attracted mainly a huge selection of exotic and the promise of a wonderful fragrance, which will send them on a trip to Jamaica, India or Siberian forest.That, in fact it is.

scrub with pine nuts and butter raspberry really causes many delight he looks incredibly appetizing, has a pleasant smell, but not crimson, economical, particles of salt and nut shells effectively massage the body, but do not scratch,After the scrub skin soft and moisturized.But there were also particularly demanding women customers, who said that the body roll quite large particles - it does not mean skrabirovat.Task scrub - exfoliates the skin and in the products of "Planet Organics" these particles - just decoration, they are too large and rare.But on the whole the public scrubs are very popular, they are gaining no less than four and a half points out of five, and only few of them on the average estimate by 3 or 4 points.The most popular is "Jamaican coconut", "Brazilian peanuts", "Greek pistachio", "Indian cashew."And all this thanks to the flavors, exotic ingredients and correct supply of products, as well as a noticeable effect after use.

So what is the reason for the success of the brand "Planet Organic"?Cosmetics, which besides that attracts a loyal and serving pleases unusual, disturbing components of the imagination, is quite effective.Although it is easy to notice that the manufacturer does not always honest, trying to veil something unusual commonplace.Among the means to care for the body is especially worth highlight scrubs.