New from Garnier: "life-giving moisture"

Series name skincare products from Garnier "life-giving moisture" sounds fascinating: Memory helpfully suggests an association with living water, the life-giving sap of the earth, and the like.Producers promise effective and reliable results and products of the French laboratory, really, basically no one fails.

Why skin needs moisture?

Even at school we all know that the main mission of the skin - protective.The epidermis takes care of all the "hits" of the outside world - and the temperature drops, and mud and wind.In addition, the condition of the skin affected by stress, illness, poor sleep.Eventually hydrolipidic plenochka covering the epidermis, becomes thinner.The skin dries, flakes, and premature aging.Derma require special care: it is necessary to restore, enhance and protect.Series creams Garnier brand "life-giving moisture" just created to help suffering from the adverse factors of the skin.

How does a moisturizer?

Three groups of substances in moisturizers care about her condition.

Some, because of mineral oils, are a natural barrier to moisture to evaporate from the skin, while others - bind and retain water in the epidermis, the third reduced ability of the skin to maintain moisture and regenerate.Line Garnier "life-giving moisture" includes all of these components.At the heart of every moisturizer has an emulsion of oil and water.The difference - in the formula.If direct emulsion "oil in water" able to slowly but surely destroy the lipid film, and causes the skin to lose moisture and amino acids, the inverse emulsion ("water in oil"), on the contrary, a beneficial effect on the lipid layer of the dermis.Creams Garnier "life-giving moisture" include glyceryl stearate as part of citrate - a reverse emulsion.

Features cosmetics "life-giving moisture" from Garnier

line includes four different color cosmetics, each of which has its own vocation.

  • Pink nutrient rich cream. a calming effect on the skin, gives it moisture and nutrition thanks to extract camellia oil.The tool is recommended for dry skin.
  • Green Cream Garnier "life-giving moisture" with tea tree oil. Refreshes and evens skin tone.It has a matte effect, that is, it removes the oily sheen.The tool is designed for oily and combination skin.Antioxidants in a cream neutralize the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, excessive electromagnetic radiation, gas pollution of our environment.
  • With softening blue light cream based on extracts of lotus. instantly absorbed and gives tenderness and individual health.Recommended for normal and combination skin.
  • Ultralight emulsion for skin radiance. has sunscreen and a light-reflecting particles in the composition, by which the skin becomes subtle shimmer.The product is suitable to owners sensitive to sunlight skin.Cream pale yellow color is a part of lemon extract, which has tonic properties.

laboratory specialists originally sought to ensure that every woman has the right to itself cream Garnier "life-giving moisture."Reviews potrebitelnits mostly unanimous: quality guaranteed by the manufacturer is really present in the product.Means perfectly absorbed and gives the skin a pleasant feeling and refreshing.Women celebrate the fact that the cream is economical, has a very pleasant aroma.But you can hear opposing views about this cosmetics.In order not to make mistakes and not be disappointed, you must know well especially his skin and the right to choose the means to care for her.