"Incanto" - perfumes for princesses

There are so many flavors, a variety of beautiful and that sometimes it is very difficult to choose exactly what is perfect soul, character and appearance.However, there are some win-win options that should be considered in the first place.For example, the spirits "Incanto", reviews of which there are only the most enthusiastic were created Salvatore Ferragamo in 2006, but still popular.

Spirits "Incanto" - for whom are they?

«Incanto" - spirits, which are primarily ideal is a young girl and a woman, to emphasize its beauty, femininity, grace, commitment to excellence and arouse a storm of feelings in people around.In this series, there are four basic flavors, but each beauty can choose for themselves the best.This "Incanto Bliss", "Incanto Heaven", "Incanto Charms" and "Incanto Shine."

Aroma "Incanto Bliss»

«Incanto Bliss" - spirits, filled with fruit and floral notes.They are bright, airy, as if weightless, but very sensual and energetic.Here there are touches of kumquat, apple, yuzu, roses,

freesia and water lily and cedar, sandalwood and musk.Base notes, filled with freshness, making this fragrance appropriate for any time of day and occasion.

Spirits "Incanto Heaven»

«Incanto Heaven" - spirits, also belonging to the group of flower and fruit.They are light and airy, as if to embody the girl's dreams and aspirations, and hopes of a fairy tale, but it hinted at flirtation and fantasy.Base notes here - grapefruit, apricot, apple, violet and peony.

Spirits "Incanto Charms»

«Incanto Charms" - spirits, won perhaps the most popular of the entire line.This is a sweet, sensual, but extremely fresh fragrance created from a combination of notes of jasmine, honeysuckle, rose, cedar and amber.East wood motifs circling his head, excite and attract to yourself, please, and carried away, filled with love and lightness of being.This fragrance is filled with elegance, romance, euphoria of youth and passion for life, but it is fresh and tender.Perfume created for modern princesses: such rapid, playful, capable of the most ill-considered actions and dizzying and unexpected frenzy, but the remaining tender, touching and lovely.It is ideal for a gala evening, or a ball, and for daily trips to work."Incanto Charms" will reveal the inner world, it exacerbates the dreams and desires, helps to break the hidden feelings and aspirations.The elegant bottle, decorated with floral elements, lines and hearts, beautiful blue cap and gentle liquid complement the romantic image of the perfume.

Spirits "Incanto Shine»

«Incanto Shine" - spirits, the price of which is in the normal range for the line (within one and a half thousand rubles, depending on the volume).This is a very delicate, fresh, charming and playful fragrance embodying not madness, but on the contrary, tranquility and harmony.Notes buds, wood, fruit and amber soothe and caress the soul, a touch of freesia, peach, passion fruit and pineapple filled with delight and joy, and a core of amber and cedar refreshing.It is a fragrance for a more moderate and balanced temperament.