Review: "Clean Line" and its products for hair

Under the brand "Pure Line" Concern "Kalina produces the following products for hair.

Fitoshampuni and balms

  • « Pulse of Youth "for different ages (25, 35, 45).
  • " Smart "shampoos and conditionersfor all hair types (for fat - "Strengthening and freshness" to normal - "Strengthening and Care" for dry - "Strengthening and Nutrition»).
  • «Birch" for the whole family, "strengthen" for all hair types,"silky shine" for colored hair.
  • «The scope and strength" for thin and weak hair, "regulator" for hair prone to oily.
  • «2 in 1" for all hair types.
  • «Against dandruff" forall types of hair.

In all these series is available in different volumes of shampoo and balsam conditioner.

Series "For men" presented shampoo and shampoo-gel 2 to 1. On the second vehicle can be heard more than a rave review."Clean Line" generally attract the attention of buyers relentless, and they are actively trying new items.This shampoo-gel is used by many women, and they are very satisfied.

Additional care

  • Fitomaski banks: "The power of cedar" reinforces for thinning and thinning hair and "taiga berries" ekstrapitatelnaya for very brittle split ends.
  • Intensive fitomaski in the box and look at fitootvary Spray: "Beauty and Power", "Restoring and volume", "Glow color."
  • Hair Oil "Burdock".

Whatever you read the review, "Clean Line" has a definite advantage - low price.Even those who are disappointed, saying that even buying inexpensive cost.Shampoo does not differ in quality from other mass market brands like Shamtu, Pantene, Timotei, but cost half the price.So many people are the means for washing the hair "Clean Line" cause real delight, for example, regulating shampoo for oily hair.Despite the fact that it dries locks, and after the necessary balm, it is really great washes away dirt and prolongs the feeling of cleanliness at the roots even owners of very oily hair, forced to wash my hair every day.It has a pleasant smell, very economical.Maybe even wash oil mask.As is always the case that what is good one - another death.Shampoo categorically did not like those who, in addition to the fat content - sensitive skin of the head, very thin hair, dry, split ends - this problem will only worsen it.There have been cases of hair loss.In short, this shampoo - it is quite a powerful tool for cleaning the hair, and nothing more.Although the content of natural ingredients, its base - strong surfactants, which are well wash dirt, but at the same time, the hair is dried.Those who supplemented his active care, masks, balms, serums, not necessarily from the "Clean Line", very satisfied.

Leave-care "Clean Line"

enjoys great popularity fiotootvary.This clearly indicates more than one review."Clean Line" - in its lineup, you can pick up an excellent indelible for daily care, which will give the hair shine, making them softer, obedient and very smooth, provides easy combing and antistatic effect.And this applies to all three fitootvarov.Frustrated feedback is very rare, and usually, they are left to those who waited too much.Even
fitootvar "Beauty and Power", in the title which promises to strengthen the hair, is not able to restore the burnt paint hair with split ends.These sprays are daunting, but not the therapeutic effect.They contribute to easier packing and give the hair well-groomed appearance, make them bulky, light, soft and silky, that is, in fact, performing purely cosmetic function.Although there are reviews (not so much), which says that with constant use sprays condition the ends really improved.

Intensive Care "Clean Line"

Hair masks with banks have been released recently, but have already managed to catch the fancy of buyers.Average rating barely falls short of the maximum.Particularly praised the mask of "The Power of cedar," which has a wonderful delicate flavor, perfectly softens the hair, nourishes the tips, styling and combing easier.But popular and the other mask "Clean Line", reviews of which say the only difference from the above - not a natural smell, though, too, is very nice.It is a mask "taiga berries".

balm "Clean Line": reviews

not to repeat all the above delights in almost the same as apply to the balm.Almost - because the average rating below.While many are in these balms his ideal.Fortifying balm in addition to shampoo reduces hair loss, greasy hair balm prolongs the feeling of freshness, adds volume and dry hair - nourishes the entire length of, softens and moisturizes.However, criticism is also present, although the sharply negative reviews are rare.Most estimates - is a compromise between efficiency and cost (cheap - and do not expect anything special).This is evidenced by almost every review."Clean Line", so it's pretty average balms, which are perfect healthy hair, providing a good conditioning effect, but will not solve the problems really loose or heavily damaged strands.


Concern "Kalina" manages almost unbelievable: to let indeed generally very effective products for hair.