Mark Soviet mascara, lived up to our time

expressive eyes and long black fluffy eyelashes - the dream of every fashionista at all times.And if before the ladies had to go to all sorts of tricks to achieve this effect, it is today impossible to imagine a woman without makeup of the usual tools such as mascara.The price for this product in most cases, depends only on the brand's products, which offer a huge selection - it waterproof, and volume, and the extension, and even multi-colored ink.

bit of history in the former Soviet Union, this was considered a luxury cosmetic product and was not originally produced for wide distribution.The tool was intended only to apply make-up in theater and film.In the public domain, it appeared only in the eighties.But the woman managed to give expressive eyes, using all possible means at hand.The move was petroleum jelly with soot or burnt matches, as well as crushed slate pencil.And when the Soviet ink appeared on the shelves, it was limited to the three brands - "Evening," "Terry" and "Leningrad".

Mascara comes from last

Mark Soviet mascara from the factory "Freedom" called "Leningrad" is released to date and still has its fans.Find it and you can for 25 rubles, and for a higher price.This product is known for its non-standard packaging and a box with a means and a special brush for applying.The peculiarity of this carcass lay in the fact that it is dry, and to make up, the composition had to wet.Very often, women have not quite hygienic manner, hence the popular name of the product - "plevalka."And that's not all the disadvantages of the use of this "miracle-cosmetics".Brush looked like a miniature toothbrush, recruited her mascara unevenly, because of what had to use a needle or sharpened match for separating eyelashes stuck together.

However, with all this means giving good color saturation and volume, so judges are today.But they often say that the Soviet brand of mascara has changed since those times a large extent.And these changes are not only appearance, but also the composition.Perhaps the "Leningrad ink" - the only brand of Soviet mascara, lived up to our times.

How to choose today

Modern cosmetic eyelash at the root are not like their predecessors.And unlike previous years, today's manufacturers offer a huge range, from which you can choose the product that is suitable for a particular type of eyelashes.Mark Soviet mascara limited opportunities.But this time, choose from the abundance is quite difficult.Thus it is necessary to consider the type of eyelashes.If they are thin and short, it is necessary to give preference to a means of increasing the volume with a thick consistency.Stiff and fluffy eyelashes mascara rare need, otherwise they just stick together, but it looks very messy and ugly.