Hair dye.

Modern line of hair dyes can offer girls and women a huge palette of colors.Despite this, the most popular color among the fairer sex is still brown.Why so?

How to Make Brown hair color?

Perhaps this craze of the late twentieth century, when so popular were pergidrolnye blonde.That is why until now considered to be relevant in some lady brown hair - kind of blond color.For such hair, however, be used with a gentle agent composition.

Brown hair color is in different shades, and before purchasing paint, you need to choose the appropriate color palette for you.If you want a lighter shade as much as possible, then the easiest way would be to repaint the dark brown hair, because they already belong to the desired color and lighten them for a couple of colors much easier.Brown shades of hair dye can be useful only if the woman is not the burning brunette, as dark shades of brown or brown hair color need to clarify beforehand products containing hydrogen peroxide, and then come in handy hair dye.For brow

n hair, you can use natural ways to lighten such as chamomile broth and lemon juice.In a large proportion of these two drugs can be very effective and are even able to lighten the hair for a couple of colors.In this case, we need not, and hair dye.

Average Blonde hair color.How to achieve?

priority way to change the color shag is still considered a hair dye.For the blond hair from the likes of colorants as "Garnier", "L'Oreal" and "olivine", there is a palette of nine colors: from light to dark-haired.Intermediate shade is a medium-brown color that most closely approximates to the natural tone hair blonde.Due to the fact that over the past two years in vogue Naturally, he became the most popular.Today, in the lines of many companies there is such a hair dye - to medium brown hair colors, which is not inferior to the popularity of artificially white.

From brunette to blonde

Average Brown is the color of transition to achieve maximum light-colored hair.The point is that such an effect on the dark curls give lightening hair dye.For blond hair more light to achieve the desired shade of color is possible by means of paint, which is darker tone own color hair.Average Brown is pale golden and gray shades.In the case where the burning brunette lightens hair for the first time, it can turn a light brown color medium-haired.To reach the ash-gray color, you must first completely discolored hair, and only then put on them the necessary shade of paint.

Each light or hair color is worth remembering that the colors usually contain hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.Both these components are indispensable, because without them there can occur a complete color change, but they adversely affect the structure of the hair.Due to the fact that modern producers hair coloring agents, along with the above, and add protective agents, paint on single-use practically does not damage the hair.But abuse can cause consequences in the form of structural changes in the hair bulb, which contributes to the rapid decrease in the volume of head of hair by hair loss.