"Elsie" - a shampoo that does not disappoint

Currently, the sale of such an abundance of thriving caring and cleaning agents for hair that sometimes people can not decide, and buy exactly what they need.Bright labels, enticing images, hype - all this confusing and disorienting procedure.However, there are some of the most publicized lines of cosmetics, who buy most of all thanks to well-known quality.I must say that "Els" - shampoo, always using the term consumer confidence.Incidentally, the French company «L'Oreal» mainly produces a series of successful new products and so customers are usually not miscalculates by buying their products exactly.

«Elsa" with arginine

Shampoo "The strength of arginine Els" (reviews about it there are more positive) - a tool created to clean up and care is a damaged hair structure weakened and fall.Arginine is considered a natural bonding agent, a kind of "cement" that connects the split scales.It helps to stop hair loss and turn split, dull and unattractive locks in shiny, healthy hair.Part of the funds prote

in nourishes the roots and recovers the entire length of the hair, providing strength, softness and elasticity.Thus, if you believe the promises of the manufacturer - the company "Els" shampoo that is able to solve all the problems faced by women, due to stress, adverse seasonal factors and unhealthy environmental conditions (smoke, fumes, exhaust of cars in big cities do not add shock of hair health).

Using the

applied the product "Elsa" (shampoo with arginine) is quite common and familiar way.Required only to put enough small amount down, massaging the soft foam and then just rinse with warm water.Use the tool can even every day if the need arises.

Customer Reviews

Shampoo "Loreal Els" (responses are divided on the principle of "like - not like") attracts customers a pleasant smell (something fresh and light), no less lovely views (white liquid with a pearl shade) that is easy to apply, foams (a part, of course, contain surfactants that should be kept in mind for those who are allergic to such harsh means for washing), nourishes the hair.Most bought it notes that it is fairly easy to wash, easy to comb locks after washing (especially if you buy the balm of this series), filled with brilliance and look good.Many say that the hair is more fluffy, light and soft.There are, however, negative opinion, argued that the only more or less noticeable advantage of this detergent is a famous brand, and the product of "Els" (shampoo) poorly washed off the hair even after repeated rinsing, and instead of the promised softness, shine andRecovery gives curls texture straw.However, perhaps it is only a means of individual reaction, because usually the products of "L'Oreal" is of good quality.