My birthday.

Birthday - the most important and memorable date in the year.The house is full of friends, friends and relatives.They poured you gifts, irrigate flattering speeches, which are unlikely to hear again.Needless to such a significant day is necessary to prepare, because everyone wants it to be remembered.What are the options?

my birthday at home.How to prepare the room for the holiday?

It would seem that could be easier than to decorate the house for the celebration.However, it is not surprising, the day before the long-awaited event people often begin to run from one room to another, not knowing where to start, and doubting every step.How to decorate?Birthday is already quite close.What to do?These are the thoughts rushing around in my head.Well, try to identify possible options.So, let's begin.

Balls - they have for many years occupied the first place among all the decorations, and therefore are an essential attribute of any celebration.In order to house looked festive, you must buy them about 150 p

ieces and, of course, inflated with helium.Once can only run them under salt goose and bright sky you provided.In addition, you can order a poster with all the previous photos of birthdays and put it on the wall, signing the phrase "Today, everything will be better!".Then be cooked meals and pre-prepared table.Serving has always occupied a special place in the construction of the meal.So you pay particular attention to this: place a cheerful napkins, Construct funny figure in the center of the table.Next, place the dish as you like, do not forget to decorate them a little mayonnaise figures or patterns of fruits and vegetables.

However, not everyone can afford such a celebration.In this regard, the question arises of how to spend a birthday inexpensive.On a dish, as you know, is not worth saving, but with ornaments and you can dream up.Let's start with the poster: its optional print, and you can draw yourself.It is enough to turn on your imagination - and your eyes gaze true work of art.With regard to the same helium balloons, they can be replaced by a multi-colored sky clumps of balloons, glued in the corners, and confetti.

Birthday in nature - a fun birthday

Often, people ask themselves: "How to arrange my birthday in nature?"The answer is, of course, there is.

for a teenager's birthday outdoors organized quite easily.For a memorable and exciting holiday will need things like BBQ, a computer with speakers who have different dynamics and, of course, a lot of peers.But what to do, teenage generation define itself.

much more difficult is the case with small children.By virtue of restlessness they need to move.Therefore, you will need toys, preferably inflatable, air slides and lot of big balls.Also it does not hurt to come up with fun games and contests.You can invite a clown, pony rides, and others. Finally, it is impossible to forget the great and delicious cake, because without blowing out birthday candles child - it is a regular holiday.

Birthday Club

How to celebrate my birthday at the club?This question is interested in almost all adolescents have reached 16-18 years.To celebrate the club - simple.There is only enough time to book a table, invite all your friends and beautifully dressed.

The only thing you need - it's a lot of money, because of the banquet will have to pay you.But money - not the main thing, but it means more fun.

Birthday restaurant

As club, this option is not cheap.It is desirable for a week before the celebration to book a table in a pleasing institution and discuss the menu in detail to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes waiters.Should agree in advance about the music sounded in the hall, as it is it creates the very atmosphere of the holiday.However, for a small child the restaurant is nice.In this case, you should pay attention to children's café and its menu.Kid just love it there.

Birthday for her

To arrange a memorable romantic girl's birthday, you need to choose a gift with love, confetti, roses, romantic music, fine cuisine and champagne.Agree in advance with your friends or parents about the free home.Buy everything you need and download the slow laptop, and at the same time exciting melodies.Rose petals scattered from the entrance to the room itself.On the floor lay two pillows and put a small coffee table.The room zaveste window and place candles around the perimeter of the room, light them.Turn on the music.On the table, put the glasses and dishes ordered at the restaurant, and next - a bottle of champagne (do not forget the ice).Gift hide somewhere in the room.Once you have dinner, ask your significant other to find a gift, it is a very pleasant girl.Continuation of the evening will be dependent on you.Do not spoil it.


for him to spend with his favorite day of the birth of interesting, a lot of imagination is required.You just need to know all of his passions.If it's football, then give him two tickets to the game, even coming with a friend or with you.If he loves the car, then invite his friends to ride a kart.Fun, of course, is not cheap, but this definitely remember.For sports guy rent a bike or rollers, and if there is a lake close by inviting him to ride a boat or catamaran, staging a mini picnic with a gift.In general, based on the enthusiasm of your young man, it is possible to organize a great birthday party.

Venues for the festival

most common:

- party at the lake;

- party on the boat into the sea;

- party on the beach;

- party in a clearing in the woods;

- home party;

- party in the club;

- party in the restaurant / cafeteria;

- party in the hotel;

- party in a cottage outside the city (court, swimming pool)

- party by the pool in bathing suits.

Based on all the above mentioned places, you can choose the one that best suits your needs, or add to this list something new.

What gifts should give in such a momentous day?

On my birthday I would get something special .. And you?

begin with, that is strictly forbidden to give.No photo frames, souvenirs, trinkets and knick-knacks to give any unnecessary is not worth, otherwise you simply will seem petty man.In the future you will have to work hard to wash off this status in the case, of course, if you want to get rid of him.If you do not know what to give, it is better to find a man, what a gift he covets most, or simply give him money.

common list of gifts:

  1. money.
  2. thing in the wardrobe.
  3. Cosmetics (for women) or cosmetics (for a guy).
  4. For young children, a precious gift will be the educational board games or large stuffed toys.
  5. for teens (if finances permit) will be the perfect gift mobile phones, tablets, e-book or laptop.
  6. girls aged 14 and above can give gold or silver: bracelet, ring, chain or suspension.
  7. favorite girl can give a beautiful lingerie (the most important thing - to choose the right size).
  8. favorite guy can give a stylish silver bracelet or any lotion to a computer or other equipment.
  9. teen boys present to drive with interesting video games.Well, the girl will be delighted by the children's cosmetics, dolls and also from video games.
  10. Mom can give the subject the kitchen: tablecloths, napkins, set of pots, pans and more.
  11. Father can give a set of tools, drill or punch, in general, anything out of what can be, so to speak, to repair the house.
  12. beloved grandmother can give a nice bathrobe, hair dryer, a vase or flowerpot.
  13. Grandfather Give him your beautiful pictures in the photo album.

If none of these options does not suit you, you can seek help from their fantasy and imagination.And do not forget that if finances do not allow, you can buy something or perform a modest crafts with their hands.The main thing after attention, and the rest will come with time.

Choose a suitable venue for birthday parties, buy the necessary gifts and, of course, have fun in the company of their loved ones and friends.Do whatever your heart, for your birthday - he is your day.Have fun and do not in any way discouraged.