What is incense?

When purchasing incense before the person gets the first time, it is not surprising that it comes to a standstill.The amount of such a product on the market is incredibly large, and difficult to understand immediately that's what.The value of the hidden incense in their various smells.Using a specific flavor, you can improve the state of their psychological and physical health.It is not surprising that the word "incense" interchangeably - a "flavor", "fragrance", "spirit", "smell", "abmra."

should be noted that in the world there are several ways to classify them.This cause is enormous variety varieties, in addition, a wide range of use.In general, they are classified by their appearance, the place of production, composition and purpose.Since ancient times, they are a unique product of Thailand, India, Malaya and Ceylon.

First we need to pay close attention to their appearance.They come in different forms: in the form of pellets, mixes, pyramids, sticks, oils.It is also important to consider when c

hoosing a method voskurivaniya incense - non-flammable and combustible ways.In this article we will learn from you, what fragrance, as well as consider its views.

Oil incense

They are composed of two components - the base, perfectly absorbing the essential oils, and the oil itself or a unique composition of them.The shape of the following are oil incense: sticks, lace or clay.

Combustible incense

They mainly take the form of rods and cones: aromatic ingredients in the form of a powder mixed with combustible material.First, it is ignited, then blow out the fire occurred, leaving a smoldering stick or cone.After that, the smell of incense begins to fill a room.This type is traditionally used in South East Asia, Japan and China.Their composition typically includes fragrant varieties of wood, resins, essential oils and some spices.

Mixed-oil incense

What incense mixed type of oil?They contain coal oily base, as well as ghee, honey, and dung powder plants.The main component of these are considered essential oils that have certain medicinal properties.

dung and honey incense incense

These are of particular interest because their production has its roots in antiquity.They were used during the period of Ramayana.Incense Honey differ in that they have a sweet, barely noticeable odor accompanying the main flavor.They are used for aromatherapy, conduct pujas, flavoring premises.

The incense manure you need, of course, can and doubt.What is incense, we have seen, but how it can be produced from animal manure, it is not yet clear.For us it seems something unclean and smelly.Thus our view it is fundamentally different from the meaning of the texts of the ancient Scriptures, which states that it is based on the produce themselves incense, which is worth noting, by the manure does not smell, as well as various medical preparations.You can distinguish them only gruff appearance and very thick smoke, which is released when voszhiganii.

Camphor cardamom

camphor or camphor cardamom sometimes serve as the main component.Its disadvantage is considered that the quality of incense is somewhat reduced, but the therapeutic and aromatic properties are retained much longer.To remove toxins and cleanse rooms from unfavorable energy and spirits are recommended camphor incense.Moscow has an extensive network of showrooms and shops in which are sold including camphor and cardamom, so no one will not have difficulties with their purchase.The more that these spices also contribute to the prevention of epidemic and respiratory diseases have immune-strengthening effect.

Herbal incense

Herbal incense, synonyms, which we quoted above, has aromas of calm close to the natural.As an effective sedative aromatherapy incense recommended baseless.

bamboo straw

mainly sticks to build upon a bamboo straw.Subject to certain technologies it is applied a thin layer of carbon powder, which is impregnated with essential oils, honey, herbal extracts and other medical aromatic components, otherwise called "masala".Such Indian incense are accessible and affordable.

used in different areas: the fumigation of rooms to create a comfortable atmosphere as well as the purification of the energy of the space.It is also interesting that these rods are used in religious ceremonies and medical practice.They can even be put into the machine when washing clothes.In addition, some of these are effective means of moth.

baseless incense

to manufacture joss sticks often used as the basis of bamboo.But there are also baseless incense.Sticks of this type are more fragile in structure, although the basic flavors during their admixture is not added to the combustion of the burning of bamboo, which is considered a huge advantage.Among unbonded incense popular are "clay" and "cones".


To date range of incense was very broad.Among such a great variety can be found baseless incense and cone-shaped.Ease of use lies in the fact that during the combustion ashes is in one place without spilling.Their colors are very diverse.They come in a natural tone, which is inherent in the natural color of their constituent components.

sandalwood (conical) spices in the Middle Ages were in Europe, which were highly appreciated and voskurivalis only on holidays.They are made by pressing conical incense herbs with the addition of a certain amount of resin of juniper, fir and some other plants (not surprisingly, a synonym for the word "incense" - "flavor"), and without bonding agents.

should be noted that they have a kind of pyramid, which is a huge advantage because it emits smoke when burning has tremendous energy.The method of use is the same as that of other perfumes.


taken as the basis of only natural ingredients: a mixture of melted butter and honey, resin plant, a special variety of wax.It is not excluded that the base would be a chemical, although they rarely occur.Due to their convenient form may be attached to any surface, in this case there is no need for the cradle.Due to the ability to allocate a lot of smoldering smoke are used by traders in the streets.

They also apply to churches and other large buildings.In their religious rites often portrayed Kali and Shiva.No wonder a synonym to the word "incense" - "spirit."On the shelves of Russian stores to find "clay" it is very difficult, because he has a very kind and interesting smell.Buy them only on order.In India, their homeland, these incense about 30 species.The most popular is the "clay" with a base of honey and ghee, which allocates a lot of smoldering corrosive smoke.


We have already found that a good smell.Now let's learn about their variety, which is called "string".It is the next interesting form of incense.This coil of hemp, slowly smoldering rope, which is impregnated with some fragrant essential oil.Here we can not say that it exudes an unusual smell: a combination of hemp rope with burnt burnt mahogany and sandalwood.

India Bootlace incense enjoying the incredible demand from both dealers and buyers, including in the vegetable market.Shining shoes and street barbers are connoisseurs of flavor.At the present moment in Russia backoff incense could not find a particular application.

Powdered spices

baseless baseless Powdered incense is of great interest that is associated with aromatherapy.They have exceptionally natural composition, with the replacement of components will be obvious chemical.The majority of them are produced in Tibet, but in Russia in ancient times, the same incense used for fumigation of patients.In addition, these herbal powders shamans use in their various rites.Sometimes they are also used for the puja.It is worth noting that with the departure of Greek, Babylonian and Egyptian civilizations has exhausted itself and the tradition of kindling of the incense in temples.

In choosing perfumes need to rely on your taste.Most of them, particularly in India, is very lasting fragrance.They should not burn round the clock, it will be enough 1-2 sticks, or smell you, and will blunt the feeling that the room does not smell, while the flavor has spread throughout the apartment.In another case, the pungent smell will cause headache and nausea.In all you need to know the measure, in which case nothing will prevent you get the pleasure of aromatherapy.