How to wear a bandage for pregnant and what to wear

believed that pregnancy decorate any woman.In fact, the expectant mother is experiencing throughout pregnancy various unpleasant and sometimes painful sensations: morning sickness, swelling, decreased coordination, seriously increased the load on the spine and the displacement of the center of gravity.As the child increases the stomach, which often manifests itself not only in the form of back pain, but in the stretch.However, there is a way, which knows practically every woman in the state.

help in this case may aids.How to wear a bandage for pregnant women, do not know everything.But to buy it - no problem, it is present in almost all range of shops for expectant mothers.Consultants will help you choose the right band, because there are several types.There you can learn how to wear a bandage for pregnant women so as to relieve the spine and support the stomach.

selected support zone will certainly need to try, because some species can deliver some discomfort for many women, especially in the si

tting position.It should be comfortable, never rub or press, in general, do not bring discomfort.Prior to purchasing and before the bandage dress for pregnant, you need to measure the volume of the stomach, and add a little more to it could use until the end of pregnancy.Yet it is necessary to find out whether contraindications.For example, it is not recommended to wear it, if the fetus is in breech or transverse breech and there is a chance that he will turn right - belt can prevent this.Therefore, before putting a bandage, it is necessary to consult with obstetrician-gynecologist who is pregnant.If doctors do not have any objections, you can safely go for shopping.

In fact, there is no problem in how to properly wear a bandage for pregnant women.Do it best in the morning.Lying on your back should be tight, but not tight fasten a bandage, to check that he had not squeezed, then you can gently rise.Expectant mother should not feel uncomfortable when worn but every 3-4 hours to take a break for about 30 minutes.In this mode, the belt can be worn practically all day, just to be comfortable.

Ask how to wear a bandage for pregnant women, and can be a doctor - they know it well.It is believed that wearing the right choice and contribute to the removal of the load from the legs and spine, helps prevent stretch marks on the skin of the abdomen and prevent preterm birth in early deletion of the uterus and the fetus.So we should pay attention to such a purchase, because it can greatly facilitate the course of pregnancy.In addition, the choice in stores is large, so that the right thing for yourself every woman can choose.Most choose versatile band that can be worn both before and after birth.It makes life much easier for women who had undergone the COP, a special post-natal times, so that immediately dismiss such a purchase is not necessary.

On the other hand, many women do all pregnancy do without a band, but does not suffer from this.In any case, the most important thing - their own feelings and convenience of the expectant mother.