Preparation for childbirth: you need to know?

Some women are of the opinion, though without the physical preparation is possible to do.However, it is not so: the body during childbirth experience strong overload.If the mother's body is not this a little prepared, seriously increases the risk of various complications, fractures, etc.Yes, and the process takes much longer and more painful.Physical preparation for childbirth includes several basic types of exercises.

Gymnastics for pregnant

In general, it is desirable to carry out exercises during pregnancy.However, in the last trimester it developed a special complex, which aims - to prepare the body for the upcoming stress.

1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, slightly bent at the knees and put his hands on the belt.Then, fixing all the other parts of the body begins to move her hips.At 10 times back and forth, and then alternate (forward and backward), and then carry out 10 circular movements.

2. To stretch the pubic and groin muscles can perform this exercise.We sit in a frog posi

tion (feet should touch each other).Then covers the lower leg with the force of arms, and we press on his knees.

3. We get up on all fours and arch 10 times and bend back.For the waist pregnant woman exercise "good and evil cat" - what you need!

4. Sit on his heels.Legs should be wide apart so that the stomach has appeared between them.Compress your fingers into the lock and begins to raise his knees while tensing the muscles of the anus and vagina from the bottom up.Voltage is delayed for a few seconds and completely relax.

What else can you do for physical training?

Physical preparation for childbirth also includes measures to soften the cervix (this will avoid gaps).Starting from the 36th week of pregnancy, it is advisable to maintain a regular sex (without a condom).Just sperm and will soften the material for the neck.You can drink primrose oil (from the 34th week - 1 capsule per day, with 36 minutes - 2 and 3 - from 39th).After evening shower experts recommend future mums rubbed crotch natural kernel oil (it is important that it does not contain silicone and paraffin) or ordinary oil for babies.

To prepare for breast-feeding is better to wipe it with a rough towel after a shower, to accustom themselves to regular air baths and contrasting soul, especially paying attention to this area.Do not just wash water releases colostrum - it is better to smear on the nipple and areola.


Preparing to leave for 1 month prior to the expected date of birth is better to reduce the amount of meat in the diet and replace it with fish.Meat makes the tissue less elastic and contributes to early hardening of the baby's head, which can cause a lot of trouble and cause ruptures during childbirth.Emphasis is made on vegetables and cheese, whole grain bread.Every night before bedtime should drink at least 1/2 cup of yogurt.This physical preparation for childbirth begins and ends with the psychological.

Preparing for childbirth moral

Psychological preparation for childbirth makes mothers a lot of fear of the future.Here the most important thing - to stay on the positive.You can talk to people who already have children (as a rule, they refer to the process of the emergence of a baby born much easier).It is important that the coming generations, you are not perceived as painful test, but as bright and joyful event.Discard of all fears - remember that your baby will be born the most powerful, healthy, beautiful and clever!By the way, the scientists proved that the spirit of the future mother greatly affects the condition of the fetus.Therefore raduyte yourself as often as possible - your baby is unquestionably feel it.If you are very afraid to give birth, ask your spouse to an important moment, he was close to you.Women practicing joint labor, argue that because it was much easier to deal with stress.

That's all you can do at home.Then there is only preparation for childbirth at the hospital, the passage of the last survey and the long-awaited appearance of your child's birth!