Can I go to the bath for pregnant women?

order to understand whether it is possible to go to the bath for pregnant women, first you need to deal with the way these procedures affect human health.

Influence baths on the human body

first thing faced man in a bath - is the impact of hot humid air.Under his influence increases blood flow to the skin, there is its redistribution in the body and the blood vessels dilate.In addition, the open pores of the skin and strengthens the processes of sweating.When air is added to the hot humid heat, the skin is softened, and dying fragments more easily removed.To stimulate this process the women remove the top layer of dead skin with sponges, brushes, honey, salt or coffee grounds.Another option - to get rid of toxins using scented Venichka.The final stage of bath procedures - immersion in cold water or snow.At this point, blood is redistributed again, this time surging to the internal organs of the skin.

changes in the body of the future mother

Can pregnant women go to the bath?First of all it depe

nds on the health of the woman.For example, these days is absolutely healthy girls almost gone, especially in the cities.Very common vegetovascular diseases that can have symptoms in the form of spikes in blood pressure.In addition, during pregnancy most women tend to reduce the average pressure.During pregnancy a woman's body functioning just 2 circulation: the baby and her own.And this is not to mention the increased load on the lungs, liver and heart.

What is fear?

One major factor that affects whether you can go to the bath for pregnant women is pregnancy.In the first trimester placenta is still missing, but because the processes of redistribution of the blood can cause miscarriage.In the second half of pregnancy, when the second circulation is formed, and the amount of blood exceeds the amount of pre-pregnancy, the redistribution of the blood can cause deterioration and the girl herself and the baby.In the last weeks of pregnancy bath treatments can provoke rupture of membranes and discharge of amniotic fluid.

FYI baths for those expecting a baby

1. Do not immediately on arrival in the bath to go to the steam room - the skin should be warmed gradually.

2. In the steam room is not necessary to wet his head, for this you can use a cap or a turban from a towel.

3. The first entry in the steam room can be no more than 5 minutes.It is better to sit or lie down on the bottom shelf.It is important to measure pulse - its frequency should not exceed 120 beats per minute.

4. If the question: "Can I go to the bath during pregnancy?" - You get an affirmative answer from the doctor, still it is not necessary immediately after a call to prepare for the next.Better a little bit (10-15 min.) To sit in the waiting room and have a drink during this time a cup of herbal tea - this will make up for the loss of moisture.

5. The next entry may be a little longer - about 10 minutes.However, do not stop, and monitor the pulse of their own health.

6. With that, can we go to the bath during pregnancy, we more or less sorted out.But it is important to avoid mistakes when it comes the time of "cool."Experts recommend future mums give up the idea immediately immersed in cold water or the pool and limit barely warm shower or air baths.

7. Before leaving the bath, you need to relax (15 min. To 1 hour).After returning home a few hours is better to lie down, relax, relax.

Can pregnant women go to the bath - a very individual matter, because everything depends on the experience of women in this case, its physical condition and the condition of the baby.So before the procedure is best to consult a doctor or an instructor - only they can give you a precise answer.