Preparing for the emergence of the baby.

begins a list of things needed in the hospital, since it will take you on admission.In prenatal generally not recommended to take a lot of things, but in public hospitals have enormous satchels likely to be sent home.So the first thing you need to take - is:

  • your passport;
  • mandatory health insurance;
  • if deliveries are paid, you must also take the agreement (contract);
  • card exchange;
  • removable shoes (the best option - washable rubber slippers).

in paid maternity wards allowed to take a lot more things up to the cameras, camcorders and cell phones.However, the rules in every hospital also, and therefore it is better to ask in advance that you can take with you - then your list of things necessary to the hospital, will be drawn up correctly.

After birth, you will find yourself in the room with the crumbs, so things need a lot more.

What you need to take to the hospital mom

1. Clothing.The first is a dressing gown, which will be the period of stay in the hospital everyday clothes for you.A

lso, your list of things necessary to the hospital, should include a nightgown or pajamas (you can take a few pieces to replace).It is also worth taking a couple of bras for nursing mothers and a few pairs of socks.

2. Hygiene.This is important, becausefrom the hospital with your baby will be discharged 3-10 days, according to the situation.And without hygiene is not too good.Your list of things necessary to the hospital, must be replenished with items such as a comb, toothbrush and toothpaste, a miniature mirror, shampoo, toilet paper, the biggest sanitary pads (or special models for women in childbirth), conventional or disposable panties cream crackednipple (just in case!) and a couple of towels.You can take the elemental makeup - the day of discharge, it is useful.However, not zealous - in constant contact with the newborn requires your hands and face were perfectly clean.The exception may be except that easily tinted cilia.

What you need to take to the hospital for the baby

This is where your list for the hospital not too filled up.The fact is that even caps, vests and pelenochki for kids (of course, 100% sterile) are given in the hospital.Additional care products (brilliant green, cream, hydrogen peroxide) in hospitals is also available.Typically, treatment of the umbilical cord and other such actions take the nurse.Pampers will not need - diapers are available in sufficient quantities.May be useful unless the cotton swabs and baby soap.

What else do I get it?

can be included in the list of utensils (cups, plates, spoon), pen and notebook.It is better to stick to the proposed hospital in the diet - it is specially adapted for nursing mothers.You can bring your tea bags and sugar.All the more so to be in the hospital you will be short-lived, as before birth there should not be too much.

ready to be discharged

list of needed items to the hospital should include everything that is required on the day of discharge: Clothes for you (better to choose what you wear during pregnancy, as the tummy just will not go away)and baby (thick and thin diapers, cap, vest, diaper, socks, a corner with a ribbon).In the cold season, also need to bring a warm hat and Blankets.And, of course, a camera - for such an important day in the life of your family you really want to fix.