The reason for morning sickness during pregnancy

For some women, pregnancy is associated with two problems.First - strange taste preferences for nine months, and the second - toxicosis.Many women do not represent a pregnancy without nausea.And by the way, very often such an expectation - a psychological cause nausea in the morning and generally feel unwell.Although this is likely to be a factor, but the real reason may be quite different.

Surprisingly, even today doctors still can not accurately be called toxemia of pregnancy causes.Naturally, there are a number of theories, versions and assumptions, but the exact cause has not been established.Therefore, we consider some assumptions about why a woman suffers from morning sickness during the waiting child.

1. The difficult adaptation of the organism. The woman was born a new life, so the body needs some time to readjust.During this it is possible that the nervous system can fail, and this is manifested in the form of constant nausea and vomiting.Typically, this condition resolves itself after

12 weeks of pregnancy.

2. The cause of nausea in the mornings - heredity.According to statistics, it tells us that in 35% of cases of toxemia during pregnancy is the same condition was observed once the mother of a pregnant woman.

3. The psychological side of the issue.If a woman is constantly nervous, worried and experiencing, such a condition can easily cause toxicosis.

4. Gastroenterological cause of nausea in the mornings.When an expectant mother have any chronic liver disease and gastrointestinal tract, risk of toxicity is increased many times over.

5. Hormonal failure.This reason is called legitimate and justified.The placenta produces a substance called "lactogen" - a hormone that affects metabolism.Through this body it is stored with additional amino acids, which are so necessary for the formation of tissues of the unborn child.However, it can cause nausea mom.

6. immunologic cause of nausea in the mornings.Conceiving a child occurs during cell fusion, women and men.Their cells are familiar to the body, and it normally takes them, and by the alien he has to get used to.But do not worry about it, because it's only a matter of time.

How to get rid of nausea during pregnancy?A few tips:

  1. There should be frequent, but portions should be small.In this case, the stomach is not empty, which helps to alleviate toxicity.In addition, the protein food relieves symptoms.Do not eat anything fatty.
  2. Do not get up in the morning quickly and dramatically.Put on the bedside table before going to bed or a chair next to the bed a couple of crackers.When you wake up, the first thing they eat and lie down for about 15 minutes, then just get up carefully.
  3. Ginger - a good folk remedy for nausea.It can be cut into pieces in the tea or chew.
  4. Drink water.Try to drink about 1 liter per day.Consult with your doctor to avoid swelling.
  5. Get plenty of rest during the day.Do not overload yourself experiences and concerns.

In any case, tell your doctor about your difficulties and follow its recommendations.