What are the early signs of pregnancy until the delay?

Early signs of pregnancy until the delay is strictly individual for each woman.And it goes without saying that the delay menstruation has been and remains the main sign of advancing pregnancy.For many centuries before there were tests for pregnancy, it is the only method of determining that a woman will soon probably become mom.On the one hand, the reasons for the delay menstruation a lot, so the pregnancy to determine on such grounds is difficult.On the other hand, the menses often continues and pregnancy occurred in the first month bleeding occurs often enough.If there is an irregular cycle, lasting about 45 days, that young girls often happens, the delay starts to come to mind when the fetus is already more than one month.

But if you become pregnant, how do you know about it before, many women are interested in.And not just because of curiosity, but also because in the first few weeks, formed the majority of organs and systems of the future baby, and if during that time my mother took pills,

alcohol and everything indiscriminately, then there is very little good.Therefore, you must listen to yourself and to detect early signs of pregnancy to delays that may occur within a few days after conception.

One sign of pregnancy is morning sickness.Even women who suffer from gastritis, immediately able to understand that this is something different.Nausea manifests itself as soon as you wake up, and has some not passing the character that one spodvigaet always something to chew, to mute the unpleasant sensation of hunger, and some, quite the contrary, in a piece of the throat will not go.Early signs of pregnancy until the delay suggests that vomiting is not in every case, and even if the stomach is empty, it becomes easier not how it usually happens in diseases of the digestive system.

second sign is incomprehensible weakness and drowsiness.Typically, such a state can come up with the cause, but if you think you are pregnant, you should think about it.Sleep will pull all the time, no matter how you sleep at night, and if you work the night shift, then the situation will seem simply unbearable.The constant desire to sleep sweetly intertwined with constant nausea, even if you have previously transferred to night work normally.

Early signs of pregnancy until the delay also contain, and the phenomenon of breast augmentation.In some cases, the nipples become darker later, but the bra may be uncomfortable right from the early days.Later, the woman begins to feel discomfort in the chest - like a little bit of aches and itches.This means that breast becomes larger.

Yet the early signs of pregnancy until the delay include a strong aggravation of smell.The woman suddenly stop like pungent smells, especially construction - nausea rises from them even stronger.Also, pregnancy can greatly affect the taste.

And the last sign of acts not strong "light" bleeding from the vagina.It is usually short.This means that the egg begins to attach to the uterus.All of this should draw attention to those who will soon be a mother!