What not to do during pregnancy?

interesting position is not synonymous with disease.However, most pregnant women, listening to advice mothers, grandmothers and girlfriends, consciously limit themselves to various pleasures of life, which allegedly harmful.But not all the concerns of the future mothers have real grounds.Therefore, we consider in detail what you can and can not do during pregnancy.

Folk omens

There are many restrictions for pregnant women, born from a variety of legends, myths and folk beliefs.Most of them can not be justified from a medical point of view, but there are others which is worth considering.

Pro trips to the hairdresser should forget

Many pregnant women refuse hair clippers for all 9 months, explaining that a bad omen, according to which a child may be born prematurely.As you know, the relationship between shorn locks and preterm birth is not.What not to do during pregnancy, so it is worry over nothing.Make a stylish stacking and pay less attention to empty talk.

Expectant mother is forbidden

to knit or sew

The sign says that in this case, the baby has a high risk to get lost in the umbilical cord.Again, the connection between the twisted filaments and such a serious problem is rather conventional.If the expectant mother wants to independently prepare a dowry for your baby, you should forget about prejudice.However, with spokes sit for hours on end in the hands of doctors do not recommend.Due to the standstill mother pipsqueak can experience oxygen starvation.

What not to do during pregnancy ?A look at ugly things

believed that the baby will be born unsympathetic, if the woman will witness unpleasant events or things.Outside the baby is due to a combination of the genes of his parents, and not the fact that he sees the expectant mother.But the contemplation of beauty carries far more benefits to pregnant women, because in her mind creates positive emotions.

Water treatments for future moms

Human life begins in the water, so this element fascinates and attracts.However, with respect to navigation as there are a lot of prejudices.

can not take a bath

If a woman is not in a position of serious health problems, the bath it is not contraindicated.On the contrary, warm water, aromatic oils and salt will help to relieve tension and improve mood.Just do not use too much hot water is enough for a pleasant body temperature.

Pregnant undesirable swim in the pool and open water

This is due to the possibility of infection in the birth canal.If the pool is cleaned, there is nothing wrong with swimming there.This sport helps to get rid of fatigue and back pain.Swimming in the pond, which is verified by the sanitary-epidemiological service, as it is not forbidden.

ban on travel

If you are used each year to rest in foreign resorts, the pregnancy can be a barrier.Risk of flights and make a sharp change of climate.Most expectant mothers are afraid of is aircraft.Is it possible to fly pregnant?

When traveling by air must comply with the following rules:

  • Hit the road only if the doctor will give consent.
  • In the last month of pregnancy are dangerous flights.
  • Refuse flights that last more than 2 hours.

diet for the mother

Many regard it bans food.So, what foods can be pregnant?There is nothing new, we need only to remember the basics of healthy eating.Lots of fruits and vegetables, meat only boiled or baked form, lean fish and cereals, dairy products - that's the basis of the menu of the future mother.Banned smoked meat and fish is fried in oil products, sweets in large quantities.Also it is necessary to abandon such a popular sushi, and from meat and dairy products are not specially treated.And, of course, forget about alcohol and other bad habits.

not constantly think about what you can not do during pregnancy.Just enjoy his position and listen to the advice of a physician.