Rapid birth: causes and prevention

arise due to violation of the rapid birth of the contractile function of the uterus wall.Initially they may be prolonged, with a poor opening of the cervix and complex presentation of the fetus.But then begins a rapid advancement of the baby through the birth canal.The total time of delivery may be standard, but with a sharp reduction in bearing-down period.But the joy of little reasons: They are not without complications.Most often it breaks, bleeding, and most importantly - a danger to the child, he can get a serious injury, which can be life-threatening or lead to disability.Labor - is the rhythmic contractions of the uterus, lasting a few seconds and repeated at regular intervals.Ideally, the fight should be scheduled with a gradual reduction of the interval between them and elongation.


Childbirth in any case be divided into three periods, which are clearly separated from the practical point of view.The first one starts with regular contractions, at this time revealed the cervix due to

reduction of the myometrium.This stage ends with full disclosure, which allows fetal presenting part to pass through the cervix.This period is the longest, which is quite justified, as it helps to reduce injuries of the birth canal and strong pressure on the child.The second stage - the expulsion of the fetus, it starts after full dilatation and ends with the birth of the child.During this time, cut the uterine wall, moving a pipsqueak in the birth canal and the mother must make an effort to help the baby to be born.This period lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours.The third stage is the short, not more than half an hour.There is separation of the placenta and its birth, as well as a significant reduction in the uterus.


Rapid birth regulated by the nervous system and hormones.The final preparation is carried out of the birth canal.To the fetus could pass on them, under the influence of oxytocin contractions begin.And the nervous system begins to form a special installation, aimed at concentrating the body of the mother for the birth of the baby.In case of violation of the clear interaction and is the development of pathologies.Quick childbirth - is a violation of hyperdynamic contractile ability of the uterus, that is, it starts to shrink too much.The main characteristics is the extremely active myometrium, increased intrauterine pressure, more than five contractions in ten minutes.In this situation, the most dangerous is the development of convulsions, which may lead to rupture of the uterus.Also, the rapid birth traumatic for the baby and the mother, as they to it are not yet ready.


importance has detection during pregnancy predisposing factors.If a woman is at risk, especially if she has been rapid delivery, the better go to the hospital before the expected date.When you need a doctor can prescribe medicines that improve placental circulation, and therapy that relaxes the muscles of the uterus.