Slippers of wool.

After a long day so nice to drop your feet in warm, soft slippers.On the one hand, it would seem, what's the difference, you can also barefoot, in socks.But if you want to keep your feet a rest, the option is better than sheep wool slippers, find problematic.

Home shoes.What is it?

Material slippers can be natural or artificial.Shoes made of artificial materials, despite the fact that there is a low cost, can be convenient, with light, have different design registration.Only should take into account the fact that the skin of the feet in sneakers will not breathe.It takes the discomfort of their owner.

But slippers made of natural materials provide comfort feet, as free flowing of air, and the skin can breathe.

When selecting a model should take into account the fact that backless shoes is perfect just for relaxing.But during some of chores is better to wear closed sneakers to protect themselves from injury.

It is worth remembering that it is better to change every six months house shoes or buy 2

-3 pairs of shoes and change them periodically.

Natural wool

wool - a material that has a high demand in the footwear market.This is due to the fact that it has unique properties that are proven for centuries.From time immemorial, people use sheep's wool to get rid of back pain from a tooth or headache.For this healthy piece was applied to disturbing place.

Many people remember that in order to numb the pain in the wrist or ankle, it is necessary to tie up their woolen thread.

A long time ago, children who were born prematurely, have put on sheep's wool.

Shoes wool

Needless to say that the slippers home from sheep's wool, as well as socks, help improve blood circulation, promote vasodilatation, stabilizing pressure in hypertension.

fibers are firmly against your skin and continuously massaged it by acting on the nerves, improving the overall condition of the person.Especially beneficial pile fleece affects the blood circulation that maintain normal blood pressure throughout the body.

Lanolin contained in the wool of sheep - is an animal wax.At a temperature of the human body, it begins to dissolve and then freely absorbed by the skin and has a positive effect on joints, spine, muscular and respiratory systems.When wearing slippers made of sheep wool, it is a natural stimulation of blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, and this in turn ensures a healthy and restful sleep.

structure a natural sheep wool is very complex, it has a huge amount of air pockets.In this sheepskin can absorb up to 45% moisture, and she remains completely dry.For the human body is a great benefit, because the feet are warmed by dry heat.

Slippers of wool.Is it good?

consider all the benefits of genuine sheepskin slipper:

  1. comfortable.They wear very comfortable and pleasant.
  2. Warming "without getting wet."The sheepskin is a natural ventilation, thereby leaving excess moisture.For the legs is of paramount importance.In addition, it is also comfortable when the skin does not sweat.
  3. not hot in the summer, winter is not cold.
  4. Slippers of natural sheep wool hypoallergenic.

addition, sheepskin slippers have a stylish appearance.

For example, you can select:

  • slippers High-teplushka fleece.
  • Low slipper with a backdrop.They have different colors.
  • Felted backless slippers.This model is suitable for everyday use.

Men and women, adults and children: what is the difference?

Male models differ from their female restraint in design.Slippers for the weak half of mankind have a different color scheme, some even with the original print.

Baby products differ only in the size of the adult.However, it is worth noting that the slippers for the child should be chosen carefully.Feet - part of the body is in need of constant attention.Especially if the baby feet sweat.Do not think that sneakers are only needed in the winter.During warmer months, the child runs barefoot across the floor, and if in some areas of the house flooring cold (eg, tiled flooring in the kitchen), there is always a risk of falling ill.

sheepskin slippers for toddlers because they are perfectly warm in the winter, in the summer do not allow the legs to sweat, they do not slip, shoes easily and quickly, but is firmly seated in the child's foot.In addition, wool is hypoallergenic.

How to choose what you need?

main thing - when buying sneakers sheepskin to be sure that it is a natural material.To do this, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. color fur.Natural wool has a soft cream color, artificial - different gray shade.
  2. condition hair.This sheepskin fluffy and smooth, artificial material has a fine structure, by mechanical action on it fur will crumble.
  3. smell.The product of unnatural material differs pronounced specific odor.
  4. condition seams.This sheep is not stretched, but otherwise - can be found on sneakers thread.
  5. When purchasing fur slippers necessarily provide instructions for the care of woollens.
  6. prices counterfeiting is much lower.The cost of natural wool slippers of high quality is unlikely to be less than 1,000 rubles.

And you can make the slippers in the washing machine

If you still have doubts that will get quality shoes, you can make slippers from wool by hand.And such a gift can be presented relatives or close friends.

for manufacturing products require a wholly-free synthetic wool.

slippers first need to link with the fact that after washing hair matted, not only, but also sit.Predict 100%, how the product will shrink impossible, it depends on the thread.Focus should be on average - wool shrink by one-third.Slippers sit in length than in width.

Before sending shoes in the washing machine, it is prepared to become a ready-made sneakers are not flat and matted inside.To this inner side is sewn sack.It should be white or clear, without drawings.After felting yarn and package deleted.

And then go blank in the washing machine and erased with the addition of softener in the "Cotton".If it's not, then we must focus on the fact that the longer slippers uvalivayut better svoylachivaetsya surface, the higher the temperature, the more the product will sit.

A few hours later the workpiece is not found!

After felting slippers you can sew and decorate the insole, so they do not get dirty and do not slip.

What else do you need?

In addition to slippers from natural sheep's wool can purchase a variety of desired accessories:

  • sheepskin insoles.Such fur insoles are made on the basis of the cardboard.They have the effect of acupressure that helps to restore healthy blood flow.This effect is achieved by acting on a plurality of biologically active points located in the foot.
  • warm socks made of natural materials.This product is not only envelop the foot comfort, but also a positive impact on blood microcirculation in the vessels.
  • socks of fur - is the softest products made of natural wool, which will allow free feet to "breathe" and at the same time will not allow sweating feet.

How to care for sheepskin products?

Like any item of clothing, slippers made of wool require careful care.

They must sometimes be aired outdoors, periodically shaking.In order to wash the product of natural wool, it is better to give preference to funds that do not contain alkali.Care product is dissolved in warm water, the temperature of which should not exceed 40C.Thereafter, it is soaked slippers.

After they lay for some time they should extend and rinse.

dried sheepskin footwear outdoors, except direct sunlight.