The hen Orpington: breeding reviews.

Nowadays poultry farmers engaged in cultivation of three main breeds of chickens: egg, meat and meat and egg.All of them are very popular.But still considered the most popular breeds of poultry meat, especially chicken Orpington.This is not surprising, because in a relatively short time, it can build up a decent weight.

breeding history

Orpington - breed hens, which received its name from the eponymous town, located in England, in the territory of the county of Kent.Its creator is a William Cook, who wanted to bring poultry that meets all the requirements of the then, and chief among them was the presence of white skin.

its work on the removal of Orpington he started in 1876.First crests of birds have two forms: leaf-and rozovidnuyu.But then we left only the first of them.For the formation of the breed William Cook used a dark Plymouth, minorok and langshanov.

new breed so impressed the majority of breeders, breeders immediately set about its improvement.The most successful was the work Paring

tona crossed black Cochin China with the resulting hybrid Cook.As a result of chicken Orpington he received magnificent plumage, which has become the hallmark of the breed.English breeders continued their experiments, until the bird has not got that kind, which to this day is considered the reference.

General description

Orpington - breed chickens, whose members have not only the broad chest, but the same body.Despite this, her head a little, with a scarlet crest.Earlobes in chickens red earrings with a round shape.

Orpington The body is shaped like a cube, making them massive in appearance.It is formed by the width and depth of the body, rather broad shoulders, short tail and short stature.The impression is further enhanced because of the very magnificent plumage, which has chicken Orpington.

legs of birds and dark blue color - black.In all other cases - white and pink.Plumage soft and wings and tail - small.I must say that Orpington chickens have a squat appearance than cocks.Eye color is totally dependent on the color of the plumage.

Orpington - breed chickens, the representatives of which are considered the most beautiful poultry.In addition, they compete well with other types of not only the meat but also for egg production.These chickens have a noble story and look very attractive.Therefore, they can decorate any poultry yard.


There are 11 colors of feathers, which differ in Orpington chickens: yellow, or yellow, black, blue, red, white, birch, black and white, striped, porcelain, yellow with black and bordering kuropatchaty.

Black Orpington were originally bred by William Cook.Also excellent productive qualities, they have attracted the attention and rather unusual and bright appearance.Many poultry farmers would somehow improve the new breed, so over time, chickens and other colors.

Orpington White first saw the exhibition, held in 1889.They came from crossing the white Leghorn black Hamburg.The result is a white chickens mated Dorking and with the same color.

Fawn Orpington appeared on the show in 5 years.These chickens were obtained by crossing three breeds: Golden Hamburg, dark fawn Dorkings and Cochin China.Since the introduction to the present time with the color of the birds are considered the most common.

After 3 years, were presented porcelain Orpington, in time for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria.It is believed that they were bred in the same way as the fawn, but not dark, and with mottled Dorking.

In 1899, first appeared Orpington black and white color.They also brought out by mixing the three breeds: silver-spotted Hamburg, Plymouth and black striped Dorking.

In 1900 Paringtonom were withdrawn blue Orpington.I must say that very few of them and they are amateur kind of the breed.

selection of eggs

Experienced poultry farmers know that in order to get a good brood of chicks, you need to from the beginning to follow a few basic requirements.And most important of them - the correct selection of eggs.You will need candling.With its help determine the correct form of eggs, as well as cracks in the shell.Only after it is found that there are no defects, they can be attributed to the breeding and selecting for breeding chickens.Then the egg is kept not more than a week in a cool, dry place.

If all these conditions are met, chickens bred to be strong and viable.

Growing and feeding of young

For the prevention of various diseases from the 3rd to 5th day of life the chicks other than glucose, and should be given antibiotic "Enrofloxacin."On the 6th to the 8th of the diet should be replenished with vitamins.After three weeks, will need to repeat the use of antibiotics.

further the primary goal, which is facing a fancier - ensuring a balanced supply of chickens.From the 1st to the 3rd day it is required to give a boiled egg, shredded on a grater.One chicken is enough to 1/30 part.Also perfect corn semolina and wheat.On the 4th day in the diet can add a bit of greenery, such as nettles and onions.

Experts advise Orpington chickens during the first two weeks of giving only boiled water, and later will be their drink and wet.

When the chicks was 2 months old, they begin to feed mixtures of different cereals as adult birds.Very good, when to the end of autumn they will receive a juicy grass, such as knotweed, or dandelion.

Terms feeding chickens

To brood grew up strong and healthy, you need to pay attention not only to feed.Must also be observed and the intervals between eating.Feeding chickens, aged less than 10 days, after every 2, and up to 45 - every 3 hours.Adult hens and chickens grown Orpington interval between feeding is 4 hours.

Despite the excellent and balanced daily feeding, some individuals may sometimes lag behind in development.This does not mean that they will not survive.Just so the chickens should be given more attention than the rest, feed them separately.Features


for hens of this breed do not necessarily too big cage because their content does not require much space.This is due to the fact that they do not run almost no fly.Despite this, still have to take into account some features of breeding Orpington.Here are the main ones:

Youngsters .Chickens quite demanding on the part of the feed, in particular chickens.

Power .Before you purchase these chickens need to know that they are always a lot of eating.From this, the majority of them are suffering from obesity.Therefore, the owners always need to ensure that the birds did not gain excess weight and feel good.

ventilate the room. due to lack of ventilation chickens can suffer from anemia, especially in the cold season, which could affect their reproduction.

Gain .Orpington are late-maturing birds.After all, their chicks grow very slowly.As you know, Orpington - breed hens, which refers to the type of meat and, logically, should give a quick boost.But in this case, this pattern is not valid.The owner will have to be patient and wait for the moment when chickens are not reached puberty.

Haircut .In order to improve breeding is necessary to cut the feathers around the anus in the form of a small crater.


Before you buy food for chickens, you must first make sure it is good quality.If possible, it is best to buy whole grain, as it has enough long-term storage, besides it does not contain any impurities.It is best to mix the feed birds on their own, rather than taking it from untested manufacturers.

As is known, high-quality breeding hens Orpington depends on proper selection of food for them.The feed must contain a minimum of 6 components.It will largely contribute to the rapid weight gain, as well as provide their body with essential trace elements and vitamins.

feeding adult males and females is desirable to produce in the same time in the morning - in 7-8 hours, and in the evening - 1 hour before the lights go out.Particular attention should be paid and on the water.When the heat is necessary to change the water in the drinkers not less than 3 times a day.Otherwise it begin to multiply rapidly different bacteria.

Do not forget that the Orpington chicken and needs a separate trough, which must be filled eggshells, rakushnikom and limestone.It is necessary to restore the hens required amount of calcium in the body, as to lay an egg, it will need 14 times more of the element than it gets from food.But for such a cock feeding does not need.

room and feeders

on backyard chicken coop can be built of cinder block, with the ceiling height should be at least 2 meters.Sex is better to concrete, and then fall asleep with litter.In cold weather, the thickness should be at least 8 cm, and in warm - about 6 cm. And most importantly - litter should always be dry, otherwise not only the young but also adults will suffer from excess moisture.

install drinkers for chickens need at their breasts, and feeders should be higher than 3 cm. With this arrangement, the birds less scatter feed on the litter.


In many countries, the huge popularity of the breed poultry Orpington.Chickens in Ukraine and Russia settled down for a long time, farmers have bred them with pleasure.Not surprisingly, this bird has a lot of popularity since its meat is very tasty.Therefore Orpington chicken breed, the price of which, compared with other, somewhat higher demand in the most prestigious restaurants.

Cost of birds depends on their color.In Ukraine, the adults stand of 300, day-old chicks - 50, and hatching eggs - from 15 UAH.a piece.

Russia also has no problems with the purchase of poultry breeds Orpington.Chickens, the price of which vary per hatching eggs from 100 to 350, 7-day chicken - 230-450 and an adult - 600 p., Perfectly acclimatized on private farmsteads and big farms in the territory.


Orpington - breed chickens, reviews of which differ from each other.I must say that the view of it depends more on the views and habits themselves breeders.Many of them are more than positive about the quality of productive poultry.

Those owners who keep Orpington than a year, they say that this is one of the best meat breeds.The content and the cultivation of the chickens - a good option for large families, because the mass of live weight of one bird can reach up to 5-7 kg.Each laying hen can lay up to 150 eggs a year, weighing about '53

Those owners who keep them for years, saying that one of the best meat breeds are just Orpington chickens.Reviews indicate that this bird gives a dense and tender meat and the broth he gets nourishing.