Well-groomed feet - beautiful pedicure!

hands and feet - the card of a woman.Psychologists have long noted the fact that, in spite of a woman, a man, above all, draws attention to her arms and legs, and then on the face and other parts of the body.And if the nails on the hands or feet unkempt, broken, then how good a woman was, the proper impression on intelligent man she will produce.

Benefits pedicure

neat, beautiful pedicure - the best decoration of women's feet.In such an open legs and shoes looks elegant.However, apart from the aesthetic, pedicure and performs important hygienic function:

  • During the relevant procedures checked the general condition of the skin on the feet, it is possible to detect cracks, blisters, scrapes and start time to treat them.Thus it can be avoided a number of unpleasant skin diseases.
  • Beautiful pedicure involves timely purification and processing of nails that will not allow them to grow in the body and cause unpleasant pain.
  • pedicure before a special job to do foot bath emollient and antiseptic ac
    tion that positively affects the skin and nail plate.Thus, nails receive the necessary hydration and nutrition to help fight their bundle, makes nails stronger and stronger.
  • Beautiful pedicure, made using varnishes, not only looks impressive, but also performs a protective function, protecting the nail plate without letting them fall on the pathogenic bacteria, preventing delamination and breakage.
  • The result is obvious - the nails healthy, strong, smooth.

advantages of professional pedicure

modern woman, naturally able to do myself and manicures, and pedicures.Will she is quite professional.However, it's better to beautiful pedicure was done hands of a master.The entire process consists of a number of stages:

  • procedures to soften the rough, calloused skin layers and removing them.
  • processing and treatment of the deformed nail surfaces.
  • Prevention and treatment of corns and fungal diseases.
  • cuticle removal, foot massage and stimulate energy points, centers on the feet.This procedure is very effective for the entire body.
  • Optional - gel pedicure, pedicure hardware, spa pedicure.Each type has its own pedicure medical technical features and are more useful than the feet and nails.

What gel pedicure

This coating the nail plate and gel formation it under the coating.Modern gel technology helps to solve many problems:

  • Hide imperfect natural nails, if they are with an uneven surface, stained or excessively fragile.
  • cope with the curvature of the nail plate or the discharge of them from the nail bed.
  • Correct irregular shape of the nail.

a manicure done only on the thumb - the rest of the toenails are not suitable for this becausetoo small.But it can be decorated with paintings, crystals and other attributes of nail art.Beautiful pedicure, photos of which can be seen in different versions, it will allow to visualize all its advantages.

Ladies, always be great and fully armed from the top of your head to the tips of the nails on your feet.And let your legs men admire with pleasure!