And short nails can be beautiful

It is believed that the most beautiful and alluring nails can only be long.They can be applied to all sorts of drawings decorate with sequins and glitter, to cover the rich, vivid paints.But what about those who are forced to wear short nails because of the circumstances?Some, for example, health care workers, and others - a mother caring for young children.

In any case, all of the fair sex want to be beautiful, and kind of nails, regardless of length, is one of the components of the entire image.Even short nails can look stylish and sexy.The most important thing - it is the right care.

Wear pretty short nails does not mean that they can be simply cut with scissors and "forget."They are just as long, you need to file a regular basis and strengthened.For too short nails may crumble and flake.In addition, you should regularly delete or remove (whichever method is most preferred) cuticle.This will give them a well-groomed appearance and lengthen the nail plate.

Short nails can be covered with decorat

ive paints.And not necessarily neutral or pastel colors.That can not be short nails painted bright or dark paints, it is a myth.Even carefully applied black lacquer will look very stylish and a small length.A short nails, covered with red, will be no less seductive than the same long.

can safely apply simple drawings on short nails.Here there are only a few rules and restrictions.For example, if you make the strips, it is best along the nail - is visually lengthen it.A transverse strips will make it even shorter.It is not recommended to decorate the nails such large bulk crystals.They will look bulky.An example of successful and unsuccessful strips used crystals - in the photograph.

It would be appropriate flat decoration, and this variant - "one-off", it will fit just for going to a party.

inflicting on nail polish base, you can decorate it with dots of another color, and it will look very original.In the picture below, for example, turned strawberry touching.

In one picture is undesirable to use more than three colors of lacquer.The diversity will not look for short nails, but only will confuse.The same effect will be too big or too small pattern.

is not recommended to paint large elements in the middle of a short nail.It is better to make the side or closer to the free edge.In the photo at the bottom - a good example of such a pattern in the style of "Leopard."He is very simple.On the base lacquer dotting in a random order, and then just randomly encircled with black lacquer.

general for short nails can come up with a wide variety of patterns.The main thing - do not be afraid to experiment and each time discovering something new, the most appropriate form for your nail.

Those who have everything do not have time, but to be beautiful and well-groomed like, you can build short gel nails.Masters of nail willingly undertake for them.Especially as time and material short marigolds leaves less.Ideal for design in this case - a classic (white free edge) or colored jacket.

These nails do not require such careful care, as natural.Suffice it once in two or three weeks to make the correction.In addition, gel nails can be coated with any decorative lacquer and cause patterns on them.