The longest fingernails in the world - the beauty or ugliness?

nails on the hands and feet of man - it is the same horny plates on the fingertips limbs primates that cover their back side.In appearance of nails can be determined huge number of diseases that are more or less going through the body of their host.Most often, based on the state of the nails, suspected tuberculosis, psoriasis, cancer diseases, bronchitis, and the lack of various trace elements.

But today women find nails, not varnished, not so simple.Otraschivaya and by painting them in all colors of the rainbow, ladies try to attract attention or to focus eyes on the beauty of the surrounding fingers.However, some women, a tribute to fashion, grow long nails even on less than ideal hands with short, curved, and thick fingers.It looks a manicures, to put it mildly, unaesthetic.

even more difficult to name the most beautiful long nails in the world.Apparently, Christine Walton, whose name is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of such advantages, has a very good health.After her fi

ngernails total reach of 6.2 meters!The nails on the left hand, it is longer than on the right - namely, 309.8 and 292.1 cm, respectively.

grew the longest fingernails in the world for 18 years.Crossing the 27-year mark, the singer Duchess (stage name Christine) ceased to cut nails and 45 years thanks to their length has managed to become a world champion.Today, it is the longest nail (on the thumb of his left hand) reaches 91 cm.

According to the singer, the longest fingernails in the world did not prevent her from living.Here are just deliver a lot of trouble, requiring constant care.For example, just to cover their claws varnish Duchess spends several hours.And if painted nails Christine Walton - catcher dubious pleasures, it is not varnished - not for the faint of heart.

Long toenails in our time is also not uncommon.One can only wonder how such a pedicure allows his mistresses move normally.Meanwhile, here is not without records.For the longest toenails today belong to Louise Hollis from California.Her toenails have an average length of 15.25 cm. And their total length is 2.21 m!

Being record holder in the category "the longest fingernails in the world on their toes" is not easy.Louise could only walk in shoes on a high platform (at least 8 cm).In winter, she dresses like everyone else, warm shoes, her nails because it does not allow.

fashion for long nails among men has not come yet.At least when it comes to the stronger sex heterosexual.But this does not mean that men never grow their nails.To grow, and how!The title of the owner of the longest fingernails on one hand, belongs to just the man.It is a resident of India Sridhar Chillan.He was able to grow the nails on one hand a total length of 6.15 m. And it is the longest nail otros 1.29 meters.This "beauty" Indian holil and cherished almost 48 years!

Why?The issue, in response to that, the owners are too long nails can hardly say, "For the beauty."Rather, it is a way to stand out from the crowd, to attract the attention of the masses, which does not require much effort.But getting used to the long claws, their home without feeling already as no arms or no legs.