Gel lacquer coating - advantages and technology

In this article we will talk about why the gel nail polish so popular this season.In fact, it should not be surprising, because the gel coating has features that will assess each woman.

This varnish is relevant at any time of year, but it is most needed in the summer when girls wear open shoes: feet should look perfect, fingers - be well groomed and nails - neat.And of course, that women are wondering how to cover the nail lacquer that they are a long time remain beautiful?

Now is the time when almost every professional who works in a beauty salon, advises gel lacquer.Most often, they offer gel nail varnish shellac.Although the manufacturers of this type of varnish for a given period of time a lot and you can choose any - to your taste and budget.

advantages of gel polish

Practice has shown that the gel polish on the hands and feet without correction is maintained in perfect form for about two weeks.It will not crack, oblazit and does not cleave.Correction of two weeks is required because nails

grow, and the boundary of nail polish becomes noticeable.However, the nail plate grows on the legs is much slower than the hands, so will be the perfect pedicure for about four weeks.

The biggest disadvantage of conventional nail polish - a long drying.Because of this, there are certain disadvantages, sometimes nails have to repaint than once.A gel varnish layer until the end of drying under UV lamp for only two minutes, and usually two layers applied.

Before nail polishing on the basis of the gel they do not need to file down.Every woman knows how to harm the nail plate, such a procedure: it becomes thin and eventually begins to exfoliate.

With nail gel polish can be removed using a special tool that does not have to nail any harmful effects.Moreover, a big advantage is that the top of the gel coating may be applied to an ordinary coating, if color is tired or not fit into together.Simple nail can be removed to remove the liquid, and the base coat gel polish does not hurt.

in showrooms is an incredibly popular procedure today, as the coating has certain advantages over other types.

gel lacquer coating - a description of the technology:

You can do it even at home, so this procedure is simple.

Before coating need to do a simple manicure, your nails are neat.In order to apply the varnish does not need much zapilivaem plate, as is done in the gel nails, so the coating gel lacquer is considered safe for cuticles and nails.

First you have to apply a base coat and a UV lamp to dry (about 10 seconds).

makes the coating of gel polish, once dry the nails under the influence of the lamp about two minutes.

Then the nails are covered with another layer of gel means and kept under a UV lamp as much time.

ends the procedure massage cuticle oil and stimulating massage for hands.

gel lacquer coating - reviews

This procedure is often praised than criticized.Masters convenient to work with such a coating, and the girls are satisfied with their nail polish for a long time.