SPA-pedicure for the health of your feet

Many women do not pay enough attention to foot care.But the feet are suffering no less than the face and hands.Uncomfortable shoes, nylon stockings and neglect make the skin on the feet of rough and sluggish.There are calluses, corns and cracks.

These problems are easily solved by using a procedure that has appeared recently in beauty salons - a SPA-pedicure.From the usual pedicure it is more safe and effective.Action spa pedicure surprising: in addition to the soft and smooth skin on the feet, it gives a good mood and relaxation.Under the influence of this procedure takes place irritation of biologically active points on the feet, and thus improves the condition of the whole organism.

Unlike conventional pedicure, SPA-pedicure involves softening and gentle removal of rough skin after treatment with special preparations.In carrying out this procedure does not use mechanical peeling and cutting, so the skin is not damaged.And the effect after spa pedicure lasts much longer: about a month the skin on

your feet will be soft and smooth.

Spa pedicure includes a foot bath, a soft nail care, deep peeling, foot massage and moisturizing mask.Used products contain only natural ingredients: seaweed extracts, fruit acids, thermal waters and mud.The procedure lasts about two hours and is held under the relaxing music.

SPA-pedicure begins with a bath with sea salt, sometimes used hot tubs.Thereafter foot skin softens and becomes permeable to nutrients.If necessary, for deeper softening and removal of calluses on the skin of the feet are put special preparations based on fruit acids.

After skin softening performed removal of calluses, corns and cuticle on nails.This is done with wooden tools, nothing is cut.

next step is the peeling of the skin using a moisturizing foot scrubs, most of the sea salt.If the skin is very dry and rough, causing further strong softening products based on fruit acids.

After removing calluses and rough areas of your skin is ready to absorb nutrients.On foot moisturizing nourishing mask is applied on the basis of plant components.Keep it should be 15-20 minutes.

SPA-pedicure also includes a foot massage.He made using essential oils for a soft relaxing music.This massage has a curative effect not only on the skin, but also the entire body.After all, through the softened skin effect on biologically active points is much stronger.The result is improved circulation, and general well-being, relief from headaches.

You may want to make a paraffin wraps, deeper exfoliation and nail polish.After the procedure applied to the skin moisturizer that helps to consolidate its softness.It retains this state for a long time.

pedicure services are now in even a small town, and SPA-pedicure is to offer not everywhere.But every woman is recommended once a month to pass such a procedure - and feet will always be well-groomed.