Wedding Anniversaries

No country in the world can "boast" so many wedding anniversaries marked as a post-Soviet countries.As a rule, in Europe and other countries decided to celebrate anniversaries weddings only 25, 50 and 100 years.

probably Slavic people - the most loving, and therefore came up almost every year of living together after their wedding symbols and holidays.This is an excellent opportunity to remind the other half about their feelings and what a fabulous day when you uttered the oath of love and loyalty to each other.

Anniversaries of weddings over the years have their own traditions and importance, signs and even a kind of symbolism, proper living in the age of marriage.On this day, a round table can reassemble their parents, friends and relatives to you people.The holiday has its own characteristics, even gifts, which made this day to come to the "newlyweds" are indicated.

spent the first year of marriage can rightly celebrate its first anniversary - calico wedding.It received its name because the h

usband and wife are still so few have experienced together and so their marriage is still not very strong, like calico material that tears easily.Some refer to this date still gauze wedding.

wedding anniversary over the years will tend to "strengthen" in the title of the material, which is associated with the holiday.So, for the second anniversary of the paper called the wedding.Marking three years of living together is called leather.

lived together for four years, "young" can rightly celebrate the wedding linen or rope.During this period, the husband and wife already knew each other and "got used" their way of life compared with the fibers of flax, which are closely intertwined with each other and they are no longer so easy to break.

Before that all dates were no more anniversaries of weddings, anniversaries and more, the first major cause may be called wooden wedding - it's 5 years of marriage.Tree - this is quite a solid material, which symbolizes the strength of family relationships.It is believed that this anniversary should be celebrated sure guests who come to the house of the family on this day should give wooden household articles.This may be a cutting board, stand under a hot dish, even a rolling pin as a gift would be appropriate on this day.

wedding followed by a cast-iron, which is celebrated on the 6 year marriage.The fact is that the iron is considered, on the contrary, quite brittle material, and it symbolizes the crisis that occurs within the family for 6-year life.Relationships, like cast iron, can crack and fall apart at any moment.

next anniversary (7 years), called copper wedding.I must say that anniversaries weddings will often have names associated with precious materials.It is considered the first copper wedding date, which is associated not only with a strong, but also a valuable metal, because the marriage relationship has gained considerable importance for the spouses.

followed by tin and faience wedding that fit 8 and 9 years of life lived together.

10 years of marriage celebrate the anniversary, called tin wedding.Guests on this day should give any product made of tin.It is believed that this metal, like the relationship between husband and wife, is very flexible.

Durable and strong relationships in the '11 marriage gave the name of this holiday - a steel wedding, followed by a nickel - 12 years.

Lace Wedding matches 13 years of living together, in this period, relations in the family are again very thin and can break off at any time.

But the following year, a period which is considered to have a strong relationship.If the spouses have lived together for 14 years, they have nothing to fear, and therefore received the name of jubilee agate wedding.

Strong relations between spouses gave the name of the 15th Anniversary - Crystal wedding.Clean and ringing crystal has, nevertheless, a high strength.It is with them and compared the relationship between husband and wife.I decided to give this anniversary crystal dishes: vases, glasses, etc.

In 18 years of marriage comes the blossoming of relations of spouses, when the children are adults, and parents are still young and full of energy, a holiday called "turquoise wedding".

After 20 years, lived together again there comes a time when you need to take care about their relationship, because they again are very fragile and may at any time, "break", so the date is called "porcelain wedding."

Again in the designation wedding anniversary we meet precious metal, this time we will focus on silver, the noble and durable materials - silver wedding - it's 25 years together.

Pearl wedding is celebrated after 30 years of joint.Coral or at a table linen collects huge family consisting of children and grandchildren, for 35 years of marriage.

After 50 years spent in marriage celebrates anniversary, whose name is associated with one of the most valuable and durable materials.Golden wedding is considered the most serious and important holiday.People who have lived side by side for so many years, really have a strong relationship, time-tested and various life challenges.

Despite the fact that these anniversaries weddings are rare, nevertheless, they do occur and, therefore, have a right to exist.

If you do not know what to get "married" in their anniversary, draws inspiration from the name.As a general rule, give any product made from a material that is the basis for the name of a family holiday.