Yezidi wedding: the unique and vibrant

Yezidis sometimes call themselves ezdi.According to the head of the Yezidis of the world Said Mir Tahsin Bey, this ethno-confessional group refers to the ethnic Kurds.The ancestral home of the Yezidis considered Iraqi province of Mosul, where they were after World War settled throughout the world.Today, they live in Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Russia.

Very beautiful and talented people carefully preserves its traditions.All ceremonies ezdi very spectacular, but it is certainly the most unique and colorful are the Yezidi wedding.

The decision to accept the marriage of young parents.Beshkertum - a tradition, according to which "conspires" could even newborns.Today, the most in demand rite Shirane.According to him, the parents go to the bride's house with rich gifts, to ask parents for her hand.The bride price (Halim) now no longer required.

A few weeks later the groom's relatives visit the bride's house again and again presented with rich gifts.

Wedding Yezidis begins early in the morning in the ho

use of the groom.Gather close relatives, musicians and friends.Close to noon, guests are sent to the bride's house, where they were waiting for a small but covered all the rules of the table.

Yezidi wedding - it is an inextricable complex of fun and traditions, so the process is moving along the street with songs, folk music and dancing.Women high above his head (for all to see) are gifts for the bride (Sani), accompanying their singing national songs.Trays should be not less than five, they can only be a circular shape.The first - a mandatory red shawl and Haley's wedding dress.

The remaining trays - sweets, wine, gifts.Yezidi wedding are always rich: they are prepared from birth and try to do everything so that the holiday is still a long talk.

When relatives of the groom will try to treat that put the bride's parents, they begin to dress the bride.With the ritual songs, a national music they first removed from a girl of her clothes (simultaneously inspecting it for the absence of physical defects).

then dressed in bringing in a wedding dress.At this time, close the girls give gifts to the bride and demonstrate his gifts to the guests, her dowry.Pillow bride supposed to buy.Continue Yezidi wedding in the groom's house.

believed that from that moment the bride goes to the family of the groom.To consolidate their alliance, and Haley's old red shawl bride bind together.The bride and groom and guests go to celebrate, and behind them are music related.

Of course, this is not a complete description of the wedding ceremony of the Yezidis.There are ceremonies for the brothers, parents.

Adherence to traditions, especially the youth of today is difficult: too many subtleties need to know.

However, in many cities they are ready to come to the aid of professionals who know all the details of the traditions.For example, Yezidi wedding in Tambov, Rostov-na-Donu can arrange wedding agency or toastmaster.They also help to buy everything you need for a national marriage, find musicians to pick up the room for the celebration.