Men's tattoo on his neck: the types and value

tattoo these days has taken its place firmly and permanently.And girls and guys are happy to adorn your body.A tattoo on the man's neck is perhaps the most popular in the salons.Drawing on the skin - is one way to stand out from the crowd and make themselves known.Besides, the tattoo bears a spiritual sense, a certain connotations that reflects the inner world of its owner - they were previously only available shamans and sorcerers, and talked about their status in society.Men's tattoo on his neck is traditionally placed at the rear.This is done so that if desired, you can hide the picture from prying eyes using a high collar and long hair.Very rarely solved on a tattoo on the side of the neck or throat.These figures are applied to the entire neck, often depict the chain, stars, flowers or religious motives, such as crosses.

Types tattoo

most unique designs of this style can be called an anatomically exact repetition of what is located under the skin.No less daunting, and thus more attractive to t

he stronger sex are considered a tattoo on his neck (male, photo which even look scary) as cuts or tears.Agree not a sight for the faint hearted, but men love a kind of shocking.Very popular in this style are drawings of ropes or chains wound around the neck.The jugular fossa can make a tattoo of the heart, a star or a figure of his zodiac sign.Very often you can find some interesting tattoos on her neck - "male" line, which are expressed in symbols or characters.Meaning they often know only the owner of the picture, but the mystery of how they give the owner!Secrets always attract ...

The most popular has been and will remain a Celtic pattern, beautiful and elegant, and most importantly - unrepeatable.Even if you do one master image, the result will always be different from his previous works.Some people prefer to put on the neck of the skull, crossbones, allegedly fraught with the mystery of death and help to understand the meaning of life.Chains are considered a symbol of the strong ties and it does not matter, it is the ties of family or friendship.Many people choose an animal pattern, which are common features, because the tattoo is always something to symbolize, and its choice is justified.

Why so popular men's tattoo on his neck?

man is always a leader, even if it does not show.He is always in the fight for a place under the sun, and his girlfriend or something to stand out from the crowd.Ways for the last set, and one of them - a printing figures on body.But why tattoos on the man's neck in such demand in the tattoo parlor?It's simple - picture visible to everyone.Yes, someone may not like it, anyone can enjoy them, but just will not stay indifferent.Tattooing helps to express themselves and assert themselves in society, albeit in an unusual way.For this and the corresponding figure is chosen, which will help to understand the inner world of man.Symbolic tattoos are very popular among rock singers and celebrities.

Men tattoos always mean something, because their master is strong, brave and courageous, and drawings in any part of the body created to emphasize these qualities.