Who fits the Snake.

In Eastern people do not associate the snake with something nasty or dangerous.Instead, they revere the snake for wisdom, intuition and strength.It is endowed with such qualities people of this sign.They live in their inner world, carefully watching what is happening around, trying not too to communicate with people.So often people give the impression of cold, detached and reserved.Which of the characters will be able to get along with them?Tiger, Ox, Dragon, Rat and Snake - compatibility of all eastern signs we shall now discuss.

Male and female snake

Male Snakes do not hide their sexual intentions.They openly caring, make eyes and try to seduce as many women.This is a real Casanova.In marriage, they have to endure frequent companion of treason, but the man of the house-snakes do not go away as long as they are not kicked out.This occurs most often in alliance Rat and Snake - Compatibility ends with patience true rats, and she throws her husband WALKING-Serpent.

snake woman is considered to be

fatal.She knows her worth, well-mannered, intelligent and insightful.Romanov in her life happens a lot because being in love helps her maintain vitality.Despite the apparent confidence, a female snake should always keep the compliments and warm words.Otherwise, it will try to find other relationships or curtailed into a ball and go into myself.

Rat and Snake

compatibility in love a little one-sided.Woman-Serpent good life with a male rats, but it makes him unhappy his infidelities.A female rat can irritate the man-snake his blind true love.But this Rat and Snake Compatibility demonstrate the mutual desire for success and admiration for strong people.

Bull and Snake

Compatibility Snake and Ox - just wonderful.Snake appreciates logical mind, and the hardness of the Bull, in every way trying to please him.A bull tries not to remain in debt and protects the snake from life's troubles.

Cat and Snake

special attraction to each other, they do not.Snake constantly waiting Kota assurances that everything is all right, and he is concerned about her aloofness.In marriage, they often lack passion, but the friendship between the characters is very strong.

Dragon and Snake

very well suited to each other.They are ambitious and ambitious, able to support and complement each other.Man-Dragon and the Snake Woman demonstrate compatibility with virtually no words: he is actively fighting for success, and it provides a reliable and strong rear.All disputes are settled quickly and mutual passion this helps.

Snake and Snake

They communicate a little, but not bad enough to get along with each other.Important in this union - not to withdraw into themselves, and to discuss and solve problems.

Rooster and Snake

Relations Rooster Snake forced to reveal its full potential.For the entire life of the Rooster - an arena of struggle, he mobilizes even more relaxed and languid snake.

Tiger and Snake

relations have a very short-lived, because the snake as soon as possible trying to escape from the energetic and strong-willed Tiger.She does not like when she ordered something, and considers that it underestimates the Tiger.

Horse and Snake

Energy and drive horses not in harmony with the slowness and restraint Snakes.However, horses are very interested to know the snake closer.Union obtained successful only if both are trying to adjust to the nature of the partner.

Goat and Snake

too ambitious Snake helplessness Goats can greatly affect the nerves.A cool and aloof Snake will seem friendly Kose disdain.But married Goat afraid to be alone, and snake does not like to leave the family.Often such alliances break when the children grow up.

Monkey and Snake

Reticence Snakes guards too sociable monkey, between them there is mutual distrust.In each other's company, they noticeably nervous and can not relax.

Dog and Snake

These characters have much in common: they are ambitious, smart, value friendship and coziness.But together can not get along, the relationship is very fragile, even when meeting they felt a mutual attraction.

Pig and Snake

These relations will suffer Pig.Snake for her - simply impenetrable partner, while they have little in common.The snake does not like noisy companies can cheat like to save.Pig does not share this view, but can not do anything - Snake literally suppresses her will.