Kiss on the neck - the first sign of desire?

relationship between a man and a woman - a complex and deep system that has a fusion of a variety of factors and features.When you start to think about how with whom to build this very "system", there is a lot of nuances.Typically, the first step of love makes a man.He boldly, and it was he - leading pair.His wife - driven, it needs to win, delight, indulge and appreciate.

an important role in determining the severity of the relationship plays a kiss.

And kiss the value determined according to where and how it is made.Psychologists define some sixty species of kisses on this criterion.Based on this, it is seen as important.

So, most gentle, sensual and most enjoyable for women is a kiss on the neck.According to the observations psychologists, when the girl kiss on the lips, it does not cause such a flood of sensations and adrenaline rush, like a kiss on the neck.This woman throws in the heat of the emotions experienced by the storm.As you know, if a man is just friends with her and wants to maintain

such a relationship, kissing her in the neck at the same time not recommended.It will destroy the friendly relations and translate them to the rank of family and more intimate.

Just how intimate is this kind of kiss, evidenced by the fact that the same sixteen Americans gave a life sentence only because he kissed a woman in the neck.She liked him, and he did not see anything wrong.And yet, this kind of kiss - the first sign of sexual harassment.

Kiss on the neck, the value of which you know, it makes a strong female arousal.Remember that the man kissing the language says, "I want you!".According to statistics, women are not so much the stronger sex kiss on the neck as they are beautiful ladies.This is due to the fact that only about 10% of men like that kiss.But they are willing to kiss women, wanting to please them.

What is a kiss on the neck?To summarize: physical desire and passion.This means that your relationship is far from friendly and is completely romantic.Moreover, a man of words goes on to action.

Kiss on the neck has a certain structure.The man can not immediately pounce on you and start kissing your neck.First - a light kiss on the lips, then the gentleman gently lowered to the "territory" of your neck.To consolidate the effect, you must go back to his lips.Remember, however, that women are different, and some may not like this kind of tenderness.We need to look your partner in the eye: in them you will see what kind of feelings and emotions aroused her your actions.

is an expression that clearly characterize the whole storm of emotions that arise in such a situation.Kiss on the neck - this is something akin to "a shock", a "goose bumps."A woman, if she is sensual and romantic, is experiencing just such a feeling.Neck - erogenous zone, and most of all in terms of excitation may be in different places: on the side, back, front.It happens that the whole area of ​​the neck - an erogenous zone.In this case, you can kiss it for hours and bring your favorite treat!

greatest tenderness evident when a kiss on the neck, accompanied by a slight biting.When He left traces of blue or red, it is called a sign of a strong sexual arousal.Therefore, wishing to express the call for intimacy, just kiss his girlfriend in the neck!Here you will see how she is ready for her at the moment.

All women enjoy this kiss.However timid and complexed the fairer sex tend to cool it.Therefore, if your affection reject, do not hurry to get upset.Try to find out the cause and fix it!