Taurus compatibility with other signs

Fashion horoscopes appeared at the end of the last century.If you walk up the street to any person and ask him who he zodiac sign, he replied, without even thinking.His zodiac sign they know everything.But knowing affiliation to any number, and remember that is inherent in each of them - they are two completely different things.They know their only one.We will try to deal with this as a sign of Taurus, compatibility with other signs which is very peculiar.So, let's begin.

Taurus - Aries

These are two completely different personalities that good for each other in sex.But sex is better communication and to limit as male Taurus, which is compatible with this sign is poor, prefers to stay at work than to listen to the constant dissatisfaction ram home.But violent reconciliation in bed smooth constant conflicts.

Taurus - Taurus

durability of such a marriage can not be called.In such a pair quarrel will last a long time, until someone will not yield.A Taurus do not like to concede.However, unti

l recently, they will defend the interests of families and diverge only in extreme cases.

Taurus - Gemini

This alliance is very difficult to understand.This is because these characters have different interests.They have family there is no understanding that there are other pairs.If you get tired of all the Taurus, he collects things and quietly walks away, the twin sighs of relief, as he is also wanted, but did not dare.

Taurus - Cancer

have such as the Taurus sign compatibility with other signs not as profitable as the couple Taurus-Cancer.This is the most auspicious union, since it is based on common interests.Both work for the benefit of the family and all dragged into the house.Self-sufficient Taurus earns a good idea, and Cancer loves children.Both stand firmly on his feet.

Taurus - Leo

Such an alliance, though common, but rarely.Leo calf annoying his selfishness, and therefore gentle and calm Taurus turns into a raging bull.Plus gorgeous Leo likes to attract admiring glances from the opposite sex.Jealous Taurus has no choice but to keep quiet in a rag and quietly cry at night.

Taurus - Virgo

A sign Taurus compatibility with other signs are not so lucky, as a union with the Virgin.By nature, calm and soft Virgo Taurus leads to the same state.The quarrel in this pair almost none.The only negative - is that over the years the partners can grow cold to each other, which can lead to separation.

Taurus - Libra

both numbers belong to Venus.This is no coincidence.God Himself told them to be together.Very respectable union.

Telets- Scorpio

ambiguous couple.Love it is extinguished, then it breaks out with a bang.This is because the data marks in the certain position repel each other, attract.Their thoughts are the same almost everywhere.By nature, both signs - educators, and this takes almost a lifetime.Taurus woman compatibility is most harmonious with the scorpion is able to maintain this relationship, even if her partner gets rough and unrestrained.

Taurus Sagittarius

One of the worst unions such as the sign of Taurus, compatibility with other signs which are much more successful than in this case.In a pair of no understanding nor of any interest.Taurus and Sagittarius can only be friends.That is why they are so popular among the marriages of convenience.The couple will not help even the children were born.

Taurus Capricorn

Capricorn, by nature, is the leader.This trait allows him to keep his partner on a short leash.Limiting the rights of little angers Taurus, but not for long.All problems can be solved in bed, as these signs have a high percentage of compatibility in sex.Lazy Taurus in this pair is under the constant supervision of Capricorn.

Taurus Aquarius

Another alliance that is built on contradictions.Narcissistic Aquarius in this pair will not tolerate competition, not less beautiful Taurus.In sex partners do not find satisfaction, which we would like.The only thing that saves this situation, this sudden passion of Aquarius, which does not last long, though, but a little shakes lazy partner.Such a union is almost never there is no future.


perfect union, if Taurus - woman.Fish is a sign, for which the family and the home are of paramount importance, so if her partner showing maximum restraint and tolerance, it refers to it as well.Children will only strengthen this family.But the Taurus, and want to fish in the soul of something bigger, but they are too lazy to look for, here and live together.