Let's see how to wear a coat with a handkerchief

assertion that fashion is cyclical and capricious, are nothing new.Here she took another turn, and re-entered the fashion scarves - large and small, woolen and silk.They were worn on the shoulders and head, and fashion designers simply Kuta their models from head to toe in luxurious pavloposadskie masterpieces.

This is not surprising, because the headscarf has always been associated with femininity and elegance.Today, many would like to use this item in your wardrobe, but not everyone knows how to handle it.Today we will try to help you in this matter.

choose the right scarf

If until recently the element of women's wardrobe was a protection against cold and rain, but today it is used to make the image of personality and color.

How to wear a coat with a handkerchief?First, you must determine the quality and texture of this accessory.Today, well-known stylists recommend away from the habit to pick up the handkerchief in strict accordance with the type of fabric coat.

should pay attention to the

color scheme.Shawls saturated pattern or ornament should always be shades of fabric coat.In addition, samples are too plain to be combined with the color of clothing.For example, the black coat suited red scarf, the blue - yellow to gray - black or blue.

now about quality.With cashmere coat is better to put the product of chiffon.Dense large knitted scarves organically will look with a coat of thinner fabrics.

Different styles - different parts

How to tie a scarf in a coat if it is casual in style?Roll the tube and place it under the collar.For strict and classic outerwear throw with this bright detail on the shoulders and fasten with a brooch on the chest or shoulder.This set always looks elegant and refined.

If you prefer military style, then you should skip the ends of her apron under the shoulder straps.It looks elegant and very feminine.The exception to these rules is pavloposadskie handkerchief.It can be worn with a completely different things - from a sports coat with a close fitting jeans to classic version.In any case, a bright accent revive and give a certain charm to your image.

How to wear a coat with a handkerchief

modern fashion is so diverse and democratic, that you can tie it to the shoulders, neck, and even waist.Today, quite popular plaid scarves of different colors that can be used as a headdress, or as a decorative element.


often quite dull looks or demi-season winter coats.With a scarf on the head of a woman can change dramatically.This element of the wardrobe is not by chance was created for women - he can always enhance the beauty and tenderness of the face.With the onset of the cold season every thousand women thought about the question, how to wear a coat.With a handkerchief, even the dull and not very fashionable model will look fresh and original.

most often use scarves as headbands.Small in size products can be tied on the head like a bandanna.For several seasons of fashion scarves, tied by the "turban".

This year the trend will be tying this bright accessory in the classical Russian style.Abroad, for some reason he was called "the hood".You will need a handkerchief 130 x 130 cm. First fold it diagonally, the resulting triangle on his head fling ends dissolve in hand, perekin'te them back, cross your fingers and tie the knot under the chin.

Today we tried to tell you how to wear a coat with a handkerchief.We hope that these tips will help you, and maybe you will have your own original ideas.