The best gifts a boy of 3 years: full list

children grow quickly, especially strangers.Just recently we celebrated the first year or two son friends or family, and after a few days he will be three.Of course, you need to choose the right baby gift.Gifts for a boy of 3 years?Now we look at some ideas.

What is it - a three-year kid?

Of course, at that age he was not like that kid who took his first steps.Now he is restless and mischievous.But, besides the fact that the child already knows how to walk, jump, of course, run it with great interest to play with toys.Perhaps even something tinkering.Certainly, such a child is a big range of interests, and therefore presents a boy of 3 years should be interesting.Indeed, in this age, the child begins to master the role of fun to explore themselves and the world.He needs toys that will support its development.

¬ęsweet" joy

So, what to buy your child for 3 years.The boy can give, for example, the "sweet" gift.Since the baby is already understand what a cake and candy, then a beautiful present for

a baby to be exactly it.Subject dessert definitely appreciate it.For example, you can order a cake in the shape of the number "3".Another option - a dessert favorite cartoon themes.For example, in the style of the cartoon "SpongeBob" or "Cars".

Another option sweet gift - a beautiful arrangement of candies.For example, in a car.Of course, the kid did not fully appreciate such a gift, but the appearance of a present he will be remembered for a long time.


any more gifts you can choose a boy of 3 years?For his birthday, of course, I decided to give the baby toys.What to choose?Pay attention to the railways.About this stuff dreams almost every boy, regardless of age.Open you a little secret: even the Pope rejoice the boy such a gift.He will be like a son to look at railway admiring eyes wide open.My father will be watching how the carriages move on miniature rails.For the little tomboy it will be one of the best gift.Delight is not the limit, if the train still produces smoke, buzzing and "chukha."Such a present very well unite father and son.This, as you know, is very important in the education of the future man.


Cars - it is a passion of boys.They are so interesting to them as girls dolls.Remember, when passing by some machine, a boy, still unable to speak, it pokes a finger with a cry: "BBC".It is likely that the boys love to all that has wheels, in the blood.Note that no matter how much the child had toy cars (box or two), it would still be glad of the new "Bibikov."With great interest, will play with her.So if you think some boy toy to give a 3-year, the answer is obvious - this machine.


If a child to whom you are going on holiday, likes to build, it is a good option for him a present - a course designer.They are now represented in toy stores in abundance.It is advisable to check with the purchase of the parents may want their kid some special constructs.

ships, planes and, of course, helicopters

These toys are a win-win gifts.It does not matter, radio-controlled toys or not.At the age of three years, the child still does not quite understand the essence of these special toys.Therefore with great pleasure that run independently of helicopters or aircraft.

Interactive animals

If the baby squeals with delight at the sight of a hamster, cat or dog, it would be a great gift interactive animal.For live "gifts" the boy still too small, but the animals are just what you need.Rabbits are wiggling ears, cats meow, and dogs, of course, growling and barking, and very real.Note that these online gifts boy of 3 years will love.This toy will be a long time favorite baby, of course, after the "Bibikov."

Sports gifts boy of 3 years

At this age, you can begin to introduce the child to the sport.Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to sports gifts.For example, you can give your child a mini-trampoline with a handle.Such a thing will help the child learn better your body and bring a lot of fun.Another option - the ball.Such a gift is clearly will attract baby.That's just the parents need to take care of the dishes and chandeliers, as the trajectory of the ball is still a small player is not understood.


good gift option for a three year old child - a bicycle.Such a thing is required to catch the fancy boy.After all, every kid wants to manage its transport on wheels.

Gifts for creativity

Create loved not only girls but also boys.They also like to paint or sculpt machine planes.In addition, the boys with great pleasure portrayed on the canvas of his dearly beloved fathers and mothers.Therefore, three years old, you can give your child crayons or paint.The album can also be a good gift, especially in combination, for example, with bright markers.


Soft toys loved by all the kids.So you can give that kind of thing the boy.At this age, your child need to embrace the dream furry friend.After all, it is as warm and affectionate as favorite mom.


all kids, without exception, like when they read stories.Therefore, the book - it's excellent gifts boy of 3 years.It is advisable to choose bright, beautiful with interesting pictures.Let parents read bedtime tales crumbs, plunging her into a fantasy world.As you know, three years old - it is the most wonderful age for a joint reading.When the child grows, parents with a sweet sadness to remember those times when, embracing with his son, worried about the heroes of fairy tales.


conclusion Now you know what gifts fit the boy for 3 years.On the birthday of any such a present to like the kid.He will be glad your gift, as long as you have presented it with love and with a pure heart!