Loafers: what it is and what they need to carry

Fashion changes so fast that sometimes hard to keep track of all of its new products.This article will talk about the details of such a wardrobe as loafers: what it is and what they are ideally combined.

What is it?

First you need to decide what kind of a thing like that.So, it is shoes, shoes without laces, which looks somewhat similar to moccasins.However, they do have a certain feature: must be present and a wide sole heel.It is also an integral part to brush the top of the shoe, or a jumper on the tongue, which is just part of the decor and the characteristic feature of this type of shoes.At first glance it may seem that this is only part of the male wardrobe.However, women are not left on the sidelines, eventually luring this type of footwear and to themselves.

about words

So loafers.What is it - understood.Although for the sake of the truth must be said that these shoes often referred to simply as Lofer, missing the letter "y".In English, the name is written as a loafer, and translated a

t all interesting, "loafer."That is the meaning of the word loafers.

entertaining seems the fact, making these shoes are so called.It's no accident happened.The fact that their parents were so-called "Slippery" - something like the slippers worn by sailors in the port.And since these people often could be seen in a variety of drinking establishments and, moreover, in a drunken state, they stuck the nickname "slackers."Also we called them very convenient and simple shoes that residents quickly adopted in your wardrobe - loafers.Officially, these shoes got their name in the early 30s, when they were under the same name published a businessman from New Hampshire Spaulding.

about the kinds

So loafers - it's kind of shoes, to understand it.But it is also worth to mention the fact that they exist quite a lot of different variations:

  • with brushes;
  • fringed;
  • buckle;
  • Penny Loafer;
  • Slipper;
  • Venetian Loafer.

And this applies to both men's shoes and women.They differ among themselves only some elements of the decor.In the women's version of Lofer can be even high heels.

From what to wear (tips for women)

dealt with the concept of "loafers" (what it is, we have explained above), it is also to understand what you can wear this kind of shoes.So, these shoes are very practical in everyday life, since it refers to the style of casual.Moreover, in any way (if well-chosen), it will bring some elegance and even respectability.So, what to wear Lofer:

  • If they are without a heel, it is better to combine them with narrow trousers (optionally - with their short model).As for skirts, they can be cut and sewn any virtually any tissue Lofer for all of them are ideal.
  • If this type of shoe is the heel, experienced stylists say that it is better to wear under jeans straight or wide cut.Not bad as they would look with short shorts and a light blouse (if the lady is the owner of the long slender legs).

From what to wear (tips for men)

continue to talk about shoes called "loafers."What is it - understood.It is also worth to pay a little attention to what is best to wear their men.As already mentioned above, these shoes are elements of style casual, so suited to any daily pattern (of course, not a tracksuit).With regard to business suits, some half a century ago, this footwear was worn with them.It was considered indecent.Today, everything is much easier.For example, in his restrained style Penny Loafer perfectly suited for a nice men's suit (but not under the suit).Option Lofer with a brush less acceptable in this situation.However, we should remember that wearing a formal suit Laufer, we can not forget about socks.Wear them on bare feet in this case is simply unacceptable.