Waist Shorts "Slim lift".

Every woman wants to have a perfect figure, which will wear clothes designed to highlight its advantages.But how to do that when perfected is still quite far away?Wear shapeless robes?No!Modern manufacturers offer Waist Shorts «Slim lift».Reviews of this lingerie show instant correction to several sizes.


What are the Waist Shorts «Slim lift»?Reviews numerous buyers confirm that this underwear:

- gives harmony hips;
- does tighten the buttocks;
- eliminates the folds of fat on my stomach;
- helps to reduce waist circumference;
- hides cellulite.

As you can see, the product has a lot of advantages.In any situation, you will not fail Waist Shorts «Slim lift».Feedback from customers confirms this fact.This is possible because the corrective underwear absolutely invisibly under your clothes without slipping down and does not create folds at the waist.In order to more securely fix the shorts in the body, they are convenient straps.


Especially popular among buyers enjoy Waist S

horts «Slim lift».Reviews of this model say about its advantages.One is the complete absence of joints to the laundry.This will wear Waist Shorts «Slim lift» even under tight thin clothing.Shaping lingerie nobody would notice.In addition, the shorts have a stylish, contemporary design.This fact also speaks in favor of the laundry.

slimming shorts «Slim and lift» made of tissue, which formed the basis of the creation of innovations.This led to a unique breathability and thinness corrective underwear.The feature allows the fabric to wear corrective shorts this model for the whole day without any discomfort.Women wearing this corrective underwear, compare it with a second skin that do not hinder movement and choice of clothing.

In different areas there are different Waist shorts density microfiber.This is another advantage of the laundry.Shorts create an ideal body contour, and the transition from denser areas to less dense absolutely not felt.

advantage of this model is the convenience of corrective underwear when wearing.So, on the shorts can be easy to forget.There is little control over the situation and linen.

materials Waist shorts

the production of this model apply corrective underwear lycra and nylon microfiber.In order to create high density zones combine these materials.

microfiber nylon is 77% and elastane - 23% of the product.Furthermore, when sewing, flexible and thick tape with a high content of nylon (89%).The lace and decoration of this component even more (90%).

on what to look for when buying?

purchasing slimming underwear, it is important to accurately select your size.If corrective shorts to buy too small, the waist of that beautiful look is not.Fat thus shift up or down.Look

such a figure would be unaesthetic.In addition, the small size will impede blood circulation and breathing.Underwear should be adjusted so that it is pulled, not pressed or squeezed.If a woman wearing shorts Waist, feels comfortable and her unfettered movement, therefore all right.

How to choose the right size?

Suitable shorts sit perfectly and allow to hide figure flaws exist.At the same time all the advantages will be highlighted.Shorts «Slim and Lift Air» should be worn slowly straightening with all occurring irregularities.After that, from the knees to the chest of a woman is not a single crease.

for sizing will need to measure the circumference of your hips.Suppose it is in the range of 71 to 86 cm. In this case, you will need to buy the size of S. Let dimensional grid:

- 78-92 cm - M;
- 83-101 cm - L;
- 89-110 cm - XL;
- 103-124 cm - XXL;
- 124-148 cm - XXXL.

Wearing shorts the right size, you can see how in a moment the figure is improved.These little tricks can help a woman look elegant and graceful.

Features cut

laundry «Slim and lift» developed a unique manufacturing technology.Cutting is done as a double ribbed lines.This allows you to raise your buttocks in minutes, making them perfect and create the appearance of fine amazing thighs.Create a magnificent figure made using special retaining strips.Unlike other models of underwear «Slim and lift» corrects not only outside, but also inside of the thighs.

slimming shorts fantastic make any figure.Their good fit hides all existing defects.Triangular inserts shorts are designed to create the illusion of a perfect press and flat tummy.

Where to buy corrective shorts?

with linen «Slim and lift» Any woman will look grown thin for five to nine kilograms.This clothing will need one to three sizes smaller.

Buy Waist Shorts «Slim lift» is possible in the online store.You will need to determine the right size and make a booking.As soon as possible useful acquisition will be delivered to the specified address.It is said that underwear is sold in set of two pieces.Each package contains a black shorts and beige.This will wear your favorite jeans and evening dresses and tight skirts any tone.And you will not need to sit on a grueling diet and engage in tedious exercise.