"Planeta second-hand" - great clothes at ridiculous prices

Around the middle of the nineties of the last century, the inhabitants of our country know that the wearing of clothing can have a second life.The name "Second-hand" (literally - "second-hand") quickly caught on and spread.Most recently / used clothing could only get a gift from friends or acquaintances, today it is not difficult to buy.One of the most famous shops of this type - "Planet of second-hand."What this offers retail chain?

Where does the product?

In the US and many European countries are popular among the population the idea of ​​reducing consumption.Why produce new products, while many existing things recycled too early?It is for this reason that in these countries are very popular thrift shops.It is not a shame to do the cleaning, and for a small fee to pay to designated things that are no longer needed.Since abroad clothes of poor quality - it is a rarity, thrift shops and warehouses regularly take too many products sold in the country is not easy.Company "Planeta second-hand" purchases

in the United States and Europe, things have already had owners, and offers them to its customers in Russia.

Secondary clothes - for the poor?

Things / used in Russia are sold only in specialized stores.Drinking such clothes ambivalent, some consumers are happy to buy a good product for ridiculous money, others are similar to trade in disgust.And indeed, when the secondary clothes shops just appeared in our country, service to them was not good enough.Most often in rented premises things just dumped in a heap, and customers are requested to make them dig, and then buy at a fixed price, paying for each kilogram of body weight."Planeta second-hand" changes the perception of the public / used clothing.It is a network of modern shops with all necessary equipment.Items are sorted by categories and neatly hung on hangers.There are fitting rooms and knowledgeable staff are always willing to help and advise you with a choice.

«Planeta second-hand": Moscow and all Russia

Today trading network has its own site, as well as branches in many cities of the Russian Federation.Buy b / u clothing from Europe and the United States is now possible not only in the retail, wholesale and on favorable terms.The name "Planet of second-hand" is a registered trademark of the brand.But keep in mind that the English phrase "second hand" in our country is commonly used to refer to all categories of clothing b / y.Buyers who want to get it in the company store network should carefully read the signs and advertising.

every outfit - a second life!

Actually no shame in the fact that the purchase of clothing stores such as "Second-hand" is not.The Commission has taken things in perfect condition, without significant damage, certainly after washing or dry cleaning.When sorting in warehouses before being sold in a store or directly to each subject again checked and only then hang out in the room.Regular promotions and great discounts - all this "Planeta second-hand".Comments about the company for the most part good.In stores you can buy quality things, and sometimes proprietary, at very low prices.Often there are a variety of events - such as discounts for a certain type of clothing or gifts for purchase.If you wish for 1000 Russian rubles in these stores you can pick up a whole wardrobe for a family of 3-4 people.Best of all, in the stores, you can buy things for women, men and children, each category affects a variety of sizes.