As starched dress at home

to dress as long as possible retained its beautiful appearance, does not stain and does not myalos, you must starch.This procedure is usually subjected to the things flax and cotton, petticoats, lace fabric.Let's try to figure out how to starch dress at home.

meaning procedure

Things starches in order to become more dense, hard, long retain their shape and presentable.The secret procedure that starch mixture forms on the fabric a thin waterproof film resistant to external influences and soiling.Starches can all dress as well as its individual elements: the collar, cuffs or skirt.Starch film is removed during the washing process, at the same time removing all stains.For the procedure used corn, potato and rice products.


Those who do not know how to starch dress, it is recommended to buy a special spray or liquid at any hardware store.Spray starch usually collars and cuffs of the product.For the procedure, you will need to iron.Moisten the desired spray areas and iron them.

Starch is applied to the liquid volume of items: Petticoat wedding dresses, tulle, cloths.Driving their use is simple: add a liquid with the powder into the washing machine.The result is a crisp dress beautiful shape.

Many women for these purposes, a conventional food starch.Others prefer the gelatin, sugar water, PVA glue.But more often than at home use potato starch.In principle, there is little difference, what and how to starch dress: spray, liquid or a solution, either manually or by machine.What matters is that the results are satisfactory.

How to make a solution of starch

To prepare the solution you need:

  • starch (any kind);
  • deep dishes, preferably enameled, as a solution to keep the fire;
  • means for mixing.

Pour the starch in a bowl, dilute with a little cold water and stir to form a viscous mixture creamy.Without ceasing to interfere with the solution, add the hot water.Then whisk the mixture so that all the lumps are gone.The cloudy solution is desirable to hold on a little heat before boiling, but do not boil.At the exit of its consistency should resemble a very diluted pudding.

How starched dress: Walkthrough

  • Allow the solution to cool to 30-35 degrees.The hot mixture dress can not be omitted - it will lose shape and beauty.
  • Net dress, no stains (otherwise they will become even more noticeable) immerse in a container with a solution so that it is evenly absorbed the entire mixture.For this purpose it is necessary to spread the thing, and after some time to turn.
  • Get dress and check for rough parts.If not, gently squeeze it and hang to dry.
  • that the product does not stick to the iron, drip into the mixture a little turpentine to make the same fabric sheen add a pinch of salt.

better Drying clothes on the rack, carefully smoothing out all the folds and decorative elements, otherwise they harden, and will be difficult to return them to normal shape.Drying is only possible at room temperature under natural conditions without the use of available tools.

How to iron

is important not only to know how to starch dress, and how to iron it after the procedure.The main rule when ironing - do it until the thing is completely dry.Work will be easier, and the shape of the product can give him any.If you do not have time - sprinkle some water areas, and then once they iron it.When ironing, use a gauze cloth.Starched things can be ironed at medium temperature, and preferably without steam.

If you are thinking about how to starch dress baby - just follow the above instructions.Rules applicable to both children and adult things.As a result, all actions will be like a new dress, will long keep in shape, keep the purity and splendor.