Clothing Demi-season - is an integral part of the wardrobe

in every man's wardrobe for clothes off-season takes a significant place.These things are called demi.Demi - a broad concept accommodates jackets, coats, shoes, hats, socks designed for the off-season between winter and summer.

Fashion Demi children

look beautiful and fashionable at any time of the year - is the desire of many, regardless of gender and age.This is especially important for the well-being of children in cloudy autumn days, when there is little sun and it often rains.Bright and original things for young fashionistas - is the key to a good mood.What does it mean for children's demi consciousness?

Babies want to be trendy, and parents pick up their children of non-staining clothes 1-2 sizes larger.But even in such cases, can be colorful outfits and stylish.

Many fashion houses are specialized in children's demi-season clothes.Convenience and practicality of the models are given priority, so all the fabrics are easy to clean, be erased and comfortable to wear.Podstezhki - great for

jackets and coats Demi.It helps to wear the robe, and in the early and late periods of spring and autumn.Demi-season shoes should be waterproof, high on soft-soled shoes.An excellent choice - shoes with the membrane.For the rainy season there are original models of rubber boots.

Women's clothing

Female Demi - it coats, jackets, coats and shoes to wear during the fall or spring.Despite the relative brevity of the time, the fair sex is this part of your wardrobe are paying a lot of attention.Bright colors, interesting styles, fashion quality fabrics - the main components of the demi-season clothes a woman's wardrobe.Tops for the off-season should be not only practical.It is important that it gave women the joy and self-confidence.As the weather in autumn and spring unstable, sometimes you have under your coat or jacket to wear extra warm sweaters or pullovers.Therefore silhouettes outerwear is better to choose a free, no snare.Especially since the democratic rules of contemporary fashion possible not to limit itself in a choice of style.

What demi in men's fashion?

Most men do not tend to carefully choose the demi-season clothes, focus on fashion trends.For the stronger sex the most important thing in choosing jackets, raincoats or boots - the convenience and practicality.Unfortunately, on our streets is rare to find both stylish and brightly dressed man, though many designers offer a colorful and extravagant models menswear Demi.It is not only jackets or coats.It tunics, jackets parks, trench coats of various colors.But if a man prefers the dull and conventional models, the accessories such as a scarf or muffler should choose more vivid colors, in harmony with the basic shade.For creative or artistic professions men spring autumn clothes - an opportunity to express their taste preferences.