"Bio-Oil" (oil cosmetic) reviews of its effectiveness against skin blemishes

At one time in the West, it created a furor.Remove stretch marks, do barely noticeable scars, even out skin tone - it allows you to "Bio Oil."Oil cosmetic, reviews of which really are full of enthusiasm, we look at below.

Its active ingredients are fairly common: calendula oil, rosemary,
chamomile, lavender and vitamins.However, it is not unique in the fact that it is made from and how it is made.The special formula allows the aforementioned ingredients, the skin is completely absorbed.

«Bio Oil" - an original product designed specifically to get rid of that from which it would seem impossible to get rid of.It eliminates stretch marks, scars, evens, moisturizes very dry skin and has anti-aging effect.The oil was released in 2002 and since the beginning of the start of sales was the biggest selling product of its destination in 17 countries.It has 150 awards received at international exhibitions in various parts of the world (for example, awarded "Best anti-cellulite" in Ireland in 2011, "Best m

ultifunction reducing agent" in Hong Kong in 2013).

oil passed clinical trials have shown that it is effective against:

  • scars,
  • stretch,
  • uneven skin color,
  • age-related changes,
  • dry, post-acne,
  • excessive sensitivity of the skin.

All this may be indicative of a successful marketing strategy, but not necessarily about the actual effectiveness of oil.Let's see what they say those who have tried it.

«Bio-Oil", oil cosmetic: reviews of satisfied customers

It is excellent for the prevention of stretch marks, at least impossible to find reviews that say: "I used this oil on a daily basis the entire pregnancy, not less than six months,but stretching still there. "Multifunction tool - excellent soften rough skin cubits.It has a very pleasant smell, but it is subjective - not everyone likes pretty bright, but not annoying citrus-bitter flavor.The oil is very light, extremely pleasant consistency.Some users have successfully used it for skin care.With regard to the existing stretch marks, after regular application of oil "Bio Oil" they really brighten and become more noticeable.There have been instances of their complete disappearance.Obviously, the intensity of the effect depends strongly on the type of skin.Oil "Bio Oil" can reduce scars, for example, those that remain after cesarean section or appendectomy.It showed improvement even for a few weeks.Heals painful acne and burn marks.

«Bio-Oil", oil cosmetic: reviews dissatisfied customers

Strongly dissatisfied buyers is very small.There are those who rate it pretty high for its texture, flavor, feeling moisturized skin.But it is its effectiveness against stretch marks and other skin blemishes disappoint them.Even as a preventive agent, it is not working.In fairness, I must say that these people used "Bio Oil" is not so long (the minimum rate - 3 months, use twice a day) and started to use it for 5-6 months pregnant, when the skin begins to be subjected to particularly strong tension.

«Bio-Oil", oil cosmetic: User reviews from other countries

Given that this oil abroad more accessible, yet it is much more.Of course, a lot of enthusiasm, proven very convincing photographs.For six months the use of acne scars lighten and become invisible so that you can talk about their complete disappearance.Reduces scars and burn marks.In addition, the oil acts as a very effective moisturizer: makes the skin soft, tender, elastic, evens the complexion.It absorbs quickly, but it can be used as a means to massage.

And whether there are those to whom this oil not only did not help, but hurt?Yes, these reviews, although rare, but occur.Although the authors point out politely, "Just the oil does not come to me."One disgruntled users apply the oil on the face against age spots, against post-acne, and body in places where there are stretch marks.Experience in the use of oil for the face categorically failed: it was too shiny greasy luster, appeared podkozhniki.What is not surprising, if we recall the presence in the composition of mineral oil, which produces on the skin of the "greenhouse effect."Regarding the use of oil on the body, it has not produced any result completely, stretching is not diminished or disappeared.

Summing up ...

This once again confirms that the selection of cosmetics - an individual matter.Only after independent tests can understand how effective cosmetic solutions for your specific problems.However, the "Bio-Oil" - oil, which created a furor on every continent, it is really worthy.And even if it does not help against stretch marks, its multifunctionality and excellent caring properties with more than compensate for the disappointment.In addition, the price of money is relatively low, so that in case of purchase of the possible gain clearly outweighs the loss.