Perfumes "Roberto Cavalli" - spirits at all times

In nineteen hundred and fortieth year near the town of Florence (Italy), a boy was born, destined to become a great designer.His mother raised him as my father died when Robert was very young.From an early age, he helped his mother in her tiny studio tailoring.Probably, from the time he had a craving for design and sewing.

Today fashion house Cavalli - a powerful empire, rightfully earned honor and respect of fans from around the world."Roberto Cavalli" - perfume for confident men and gorgeous women.

brand development

Today Roberto Cavalli - recognized king of Italian fashion.His name evokes awe in the hearts of many fashionistas around the world.His style - a glamor and luxury.The first collection was presented to the maestro to the public in nineteen seventy-second year.It was a resounding success.Especially memorable were present at the show maxi coats of leather, of course, the original jeans and mini-dresses.For the production of new models of denim Cavalli first to use Lycra thread so that th

ey nicely fitting shape.

Cavalli Perfumes for women and men

Experts famous brand create a unique composition for men and women.All the flavors are exquisite and refined works of art of perfumery.Women's smells - it is heartfelt and concise arrangement of the soul of sexual mysterious and wild, exquisite and attractive, luxurious and a little vicious cat.

Perfume and toilet water for men - it is elegant and refined, stylish and exciting flavor.Clothing and spirits brands have a common goal - to free people from boring worldview.Spirits of "Roberto Cavalli" opinions about which is always enthusiastic, can buy one, young at heart, regardless of age.


Women fragrances "Roberto Cavalli" - a perfume that charms from the first second of their sexuality and audacity.The composition opens with bright notes of pink pepper, emphasizing the predatory nature of women.The base flavor - delicate and feminine notes of orange blossom.Warm vanilla and almond trail completes the composition.Spirits of "Roberto Cavalli", the price of which from 3800 to 4500 rubles, emphasize your individuality.

Nero Assoluto

presented the trading house "Roberto Cavalli" spirits Nero Assoluto (2013) - is a floral-woody fragrance for women.Author - perfumer Louise Turner.This composition was created for true lady - elegant, refined.Such women are at all times is a mystery - no one suggest what thoughts lie in their beautiful head.The basis of the flavor make proud orchid, sweet and delicate vanilla flavor and bright notes of ebony.

«Roberto Cavalli" fragrances for men Just I Love Him

Just I Love Him - composition, 2010, created for men.The author - well-known perfumer Karine Dubreuil.Spicy and elegant fragrance created for confident and strong men.Opens composition delicate tangerine, ginger surrounded by cloud.At the heart of the composition of green tea, black pepper, Andalusian saffron, nutmeg.Trail of patchouli, tonka bean and sandalwood completes Australian flavor.