Eau de toilette "Fahrenheit" - sensual and bright flavor elements

If there brands in the world, legends, one of them certainly, Christian Dior.It has been 67 years since the first fashion show talent, but at that time completely unknown designer Christian Dior in Paris.Start your journey in the field of fashion industry a great maestro, who while forties, was able in a very short time to conquer the world.And not only because of its unique collection of clothing and accessories.No less fame brought him to the House of Dior perfume line.The luxury brand is not only the talents of Christian Dior, but Ferre, Yves Saint Laurent and John Galliano.

history of perfume from Dior

In 1947, the maestro has created a perfume line, assigned to guide her to his friend Serge Eftleru Luis, and asked him to create a perfume, "smelling of love."The first experiment surpassed all expectations - the triumphant success of Miss Dior struck and ordinary customers and professionals.Much later will Diorama, Diorella, Diorling, Dioressence and many more, have become classic flavors.

work on new perfume Christian Dior wanted them to be available to every woman, because he believed in the same flavor of the necessary accessories such as a purse or shoes.Therefore, in 1948, in a democratic area of ​​New York opens a branch, which begins production of toilet water - lightweight versions of fragrances.

male spirits have a lot of brand.But the first of them - Eau Sauvage - appeared after the death of Dior.

legendary Christian Dior fragrance "Fahrenheit»

most famous flavor of the famous brand was created by the talented French perfumer Jean Szakom Lewis and Maurice Roger in 1988.For three months, "Fahrenheit" broke all sales records, and to this day this magnificent composition is considered to be one of the best selling in the world.

Eau de Toilette "Fahrenheit 32»

In 2007, the company produces radically opposed to the original flavor.The new eau de toilette - a frosty freshness under cover of eastern patterns.The number "32" refers to the melting point of ice.The advertising campaign flavor attended actor from France Arnaud Valois.

Eau de Toilette "Fahrenheit 32" is a composition which is dominated by orange blossom, vanilla and vetiver.This fragrance day and night, a romantic date or a business meeting will be appropriate for the sense of the stronger sex.

Men's eau de toilette "Fahrenheit»

21 years (2009) after the appearance of the legendary perfume Dior perfume house introduced him to the new version.She was the toilet water "Fahrenheit."The author of a courageous and powerful flavor became art director Francois Demachy.

This fragrance has its own style and chic mouthwatering.Refined combination of jasmine and lily of the valley surrounded by delicate violet leaves, cloves and nutmeg.Rounding out the composition bright and rich plume of oily sandalwood, dry cedar wood, amber fruit.

Eau de Toilette "Fahrenheit": where to buy and how much is

Of course, it is best to make such purchases at the company store, but if this is not possible, contact a certified online shop that deals with luxury perfume.Eau de toilette "Fahrenheit", the price of which varies from 1700 to 2800 rubles, can be a great gift for the man she loved.