Cosmetics "deshele": reviews, efficiency, price

a short time of their presence on the market cosmetics brand "deshele" managed to acquire an ambiguous reputation among consumers.Some of them, having tried the products' deshele "leave positive feedback.In others, this is just cosmetics negative emotions and comments.Such polar opinions, and due to the quality of products, service and maintenance point of sale "deshele."Comments about this cosmetics often negative because of its high cost.Let's try to understand what is still a famous brand, for whom its products are designed, how they operate and how many there are.

Israeli cosmetics

«deshele" - a name brand that was "born" on the shores of the Dead Sea.It is well known that Israel is the world's Laboratory Centre, which opened in the offices of the most innovative and cutting-edge products for skin care, which pay back time.Cosmetics "deshele" is positioned as a rejuvenating and restoring women's and men's skin fresh.And all thanks to the "smart chip" is the main active ingredient in all products

"deshele."He - the fruit of research and belongs to her exclusive ownership."Smart Crystal" is patented and its contents kept secret and is not made public publicity.

line « deshele »

review its products can be both negative and positive.Many customers claim that the effect of the use of creams and staggering akin to plastic surgery.Others, however, and after a few months of regular use can not see obvious metamorphosis in their appearance.What is included in the line means "deshele"?It includes care products for face and body, and there are male and female series.Recently, the list has been expanded through the introduction of products for hair care.But the major, clearly remain the basic sets for complex daily care of themselves, which are presented in a branded case studies "deshele."These stylish suitcases store scrubs, masks, tonics, lotions, creams - all you need to cleanse, nourish and moisturize the epidermis and body.

Who should use cosmetics "deshele »

price of this set is an average of 40 thousand. Rubles.It is a lot, because many believe that "deshele" - products "premium suite".However, the manufacturers claim that the volume of all the means of the case is designed for one year of use.E. The client ultimately also save on the purchase of cosmetics.Almost all means "deshele" focused on the age category of clients seeking to restore youth body without radical intervention.The effect is achieved through the action of a "smart chip" that reads the information from the epidermal and delivers it to the cells of the deeper layers of the skin.Another feature of the cosmetics - the absence of the so-called addiction to it.Most of the other creams produce visible results only in the beginning of their use.Generally, the resulting effect is not so noticeable after a month or two of regular use.Creams same "deshele" have a cumulative effect that allows them to "work" even when a person moves to a different brand, or continue to use them throughout the year.Of course, this is not the full information about the product "deshele."Review them can be both positive and negative: it is necessary to understand that the same cosmetics does not fit absolutely every person, even if it is of the highest class.