Mark mascara in the USSR: Then and Now

In Soviet times, many women painted eyelashes a mixture of vaseline and tar, meanwhile brand mascara already existed in the USSR.

Unavailable beauty

And sometimes these mixtures were even serious harm to health, because a component was crushed slate pencil.Why lady went to such experiments?The fact is that for ordinary mortals cosmetics for some time was simply not available.Just as the automobile, for example.

first in the Soviet Union dye eyelashes simply did not exist, because the bourgeois trends could not enter the territory of the country (they appeared here only in the 1960s, and even then only meant for the elite).Later Soviet mascara began to be manufactured specifically for the actress who starred in the movie.

Features of

Now we have a process of dyeing eyelashes mascara may seem ridiculous, but in those days, every woman is able to accomplish this "ritual", felt a goddess.Virtually any brand of mascara in the USSR is a small brick in a cardboard box.To make up the lashes, it was ne

cessary to moisten it.As a rule, the lady at the same time use their own saliva, which is not very hygienic.

Then comes the turn of the special brush for painting - each brand mascara in the USSR meant its presence.But she was so flawed that the eyelashes stick together strongly.Because already familiar to the girls was their subsequent separation.Typically this procedure using conventional needle.

When the ink was used in large quantities, and so happened that many managed to injure themselves, making these manipulations.Brush was very uncomfortable by the fact that the gap between her teeth constantly was packed material for dyeing eyelashes.And even the constant rinsing water does not relieve it from the dried mass.

After transformation in any case it was impossible to avoid contact with the lashes even drops of water - ink flowed immediately, with eyes immediately started strongly pinching.Another drawback is its flowability - "alluvial beauty" really showered.Perhaps this is due to the fact that ladies prefer it, painted lashes, using too much money at once.

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What brand of mascara had with the Soviet Union?They were not so much.The most popular was "Leningrad" from the factory "Freedom."She, by the way, there was not only in black but also in blue.In our time it has been enriched palette of silver and green shades.Demand in Soviet times there were such brands as "Evening" and "Terry".

To this day, many believe that the brand of mascara, invented in the USSR, for example, such as the "Leningrad" has a unique composition.The reason is that the tool comprises only natural ingredients.Women born in the Soviet era, called the effect of the use of stunning.

There are ladies who continue to use for coloring eyelashes only a mascara, because it continues to produce in our time.Many people believe that all cosmetics of that time exceptionally good (for example, the same foundation "Ballet"), and only acquire it.