Tone Cream "Loreal" Mat Magique '': reviews of cosmetic product

World cosmetics company L'Oreal, the market leader in beauty, has recently introduced its new product - foundation "Loreal" Mat Magique "."The manufacturer promises a matting effect that lasts 12 hours and velvety peach and smooth face like a porcelain doll.Of course it looks like a model, which has become the "face of the product."But maybe this girl on the nature of perfect skin ... Then what is the merit of tonalnika?We have tried to explore the responses of Russian women and girls who have already tried to imagine the effect of this cosmetic product.

masking effect

Basically women use tonalniki to retouch any problem areas: acne, redness, capillary net, acne and enlarged pores.But it so happens that the result is the opposite to the expected.Uneven mask unnatural color, and after a couple of hours, all fine wrinkles turn into deep furrows through zabivsheysya folds in face paint.Cream powder "Loreal" Mat Magique "" Reviews are not characterized as an ideal (red inflamed pimples, he does no

t hide), but effective concealer.


formula of this product, as can be read on the package, contains particles Micro-Velvet, which provide a sense of soft, velvety corduroy.The very air structure resembles cream powder.Under his fingers like air souffle.It has its negative side: concealer "L'Oreal" Mat Magique "" reviews recognize quickly consumable.It is difficult to determine how much is needed for the application, the tool remains on the fingers.But on the other hand, can be applied without tonalnik sponzhikom, shading fingertips. velvety peach is really there, the person does not seem unnatural mask.

matting effect

Tone cream "L'Oreal" Mat Magique "" feedback recommended for oily and combination skin.It completely eliminates the fat shine.If you face this type, and you will apply the slogan of the campaign: "The Magic of matte leather."But if your skin is dry and, God forbid, scaly, tonalnik that you will not do.Also, not all women can use it in the harsh Russian winter.But in the summer it is - at the time.The skin beneath it "breathes".

How keeps

about "twelve hours a flawless matte" manufacturer is clearly bent.During the day, not a sin to use powder or napkins.But eight o'clock - it is quite a good result.That's how much time "well behaved" foundation Loreal "Mat Magique".Comments emphasize that it does not roll, does not disappear spots, it does not clog pores.During the day it is perfectly evens, smoothes face.Apply it should be on a moisturizer.

what shade to choose

Despite the fact that the majority of Russian women have a very light color, acquiring foundation "Loreal" Mat Magique "" (reviews confirm this) does not have to choose the tone 01, ivory.Damage to the face he makes, of course, a good impression, but Russian girls are very much similar to the Japanese bride.In Japan the young made snow-white coat of paint, and the paint on her makeup.Choose the best 03 (light beige).In general, the product line has four choices of shades.