BB-Cream Vichy: reviews and recommendations wearer

Not so long ago the world of beauty the world was just blown up there was a novelty - the so-called BB-creams.These cosmetics are so fond of Russian women who have received affectionate nickname "Bibikov."They do not just tinted small defects, but also perfectly moisturize the skin, gives it shine, as well as serve as protection from harmful solar radiation.Among this cohort of glorious highlights BB-Cream Vichy.Reviews about this brand are very contradictory.Let's look and decide whether the worthy "Bibik" from Vichy to take place in your purse.

problems gorozhanki

constant stress at work, lack of sleep, irregular meals, and poor environment - all these factors immediately appear on your face.The skin becomes uneven colors like gray, which gives it a kind of sluggish.You can, of course, to retire from the service, to move anywhere in the country, there are a lot of fruit and lead regular life.But not everyone can afford it.A multi-layer cake "Serum + Day Cream + foundation + powder" in a few hour

s will show him pathetic.Problems resident of the metropolis and is designed to solve the BB-Cream Vichy.Reviews say that thanks to the gel texture it is perfectly "worn" throughout the day.Perfectly absorbed, it does not create a feeling tense or sticky mask.Skin appears radiant and youthful.

How did the cream Vichy Idealia BB?

small provincial town of Vichy in France has long been known for its healing thermal waters.It is not surprising that all products cosmetics company Vichy contains in its structure the life-giving water.But the leadership is working to improve tools, introduces various innovations and world achievements in the field of beauty.For example, in 2012 a new line - Idealia from Vichy.The main ingredient in these cosmetics advocated black tea extract "Kombucha."Cream created a furore.Then the experts of the company went further and created Idealia BB-Cream Vichy. It connects the miraculous ability to smooth fine lines and moisturize the skin with the effect of matting and leveling of color.Plus, it protects against UVA / UVB-rays powerful filter + 25.

How does it work?

BB-Cream Vichy reviews called "expensive."Yes, 40-milliliter tube for 870 rubles cheaper product can not be named.But it's worth it.After all, this cream, unlike other "mazilok" does not act on the surface and in the deep layers of the skin.It easily penetrates, leaving no film on the surface that allows to put on top of the masking defects concealers.The cream just makes your skin shine the beauty of youth, because under the influence of its ingredients the body itself begins to produce collagen.The innovative "Anti-Gray" (vs. dullness) includes natural mineral pigments pink.Thus, your beauty shines on the face at the cellular level.

Who it suits

BB-Cream Vichy otzyvyosobenno recommend to use girls with a healthy and dry skin without any problems, because the peeling and capillary network does not disappear under this makeup.Generally, the cream has a slightly pronounced masking effect: moles, pimples and large scratches, he does not hide, but a little powder.Not bad acts BB from Vichy and combination skin.It moistens the cheeks and slightly matiruet T-zone.But the owners of oily and acne prone skin should refrain from buying expensive.